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Did You Know : Fernie Streak Challenge

did you know - city of fernie news

From City of Fernie’s Facebook page:

“The City of Fernie is excited to support and encourage our residents to participate in the #FernieStreak Challenge. City Council and staff will be participating. Are you up for the challenge?

WHAT? Nordic Ski, Bike, Run or Hike outside, on your own time, for a minimum of 30 minutes, on consecutive days, for the entire month of January.

PROVE IT: Simply grab yourself a copy of January Fernix Fix, where you’ll find you very own #FernieStreak calendar. Track your progress and post pictures of your adventures on social media using #FernieStreak. At the end of the month, submit a photo of your action-packed calendar to ferniestreak@gmail.com, for a chance to win!
Don’t go it alone, grab friends or colleagues – it’s the perfect way to kick off 2019!”

FernieStreak Challenge - outdoor activity 30 minutes every day - Fernie BC Community Challenge


Fernie Junior Rippers

Have you heard of the Fernie Junior Rippers? You may have seen the signs around town, on the trails, with little animal silhouettes. This is a brilliant new (I think it’s new) summer mountain bike challenge for kids. There’s a map, found in the Summer Fernie Fix edition or online, of all the spots you need to get to, and once you do you pick up a Fernie Junior Ripper badge at one of the local bike shops. I love the idea. My kids have done 5 out of 7 of the checkpoints in their age range and each of them loved finding the signs, the mountain bike experiences and going to pick up their prize.

And who doesn’t love a little scavenger hunt, especially when you can do it on a bike?!

Fernie Fix About To Publish Its 100th Issue

fernie fix - 100th issue

That’s amazing! Congrats, Fernie Fix on such amazing longevity and continued passion for the town of Fernie. I think it would be hard to put a magazine together for such a small town and keep it fresh and awesome but they do it!

For their 100th issue they’re asking for people to fill out a questionnaire to be considered for the special April 2015 issue. It’s like those Fernie Local profiles but with everyone. You can find a questionnaire at Freshies, Big Bang Bagels and Mugshots or online.

Want To Know What & Where Are The Most Popular Things & Places In Fernie?

drawing happy faces with crayons
If you’re curious who was voted BEST OF FERNIE, well, the Fernie Fix results are in for 2014. You can also find out who or what was voted second and third best of Fernie.

I’m a little shocked “drawing happy faces with crayons” isn’t the most popular indoor activity in Fernie. It certainly is in our house.

All.I.Can Premiere In Fernie – SOLD OUT

From Vogue Theatre’s website…

“ALL.I.CAN Fernie Premiere at the Vogue Theatre
Thursday, October 27, 2011

The rumours are true – Fernie has its own premiere of the much anticipated film ALL.I.CAN by the Rocky Mountain Sherpas! Co-hosted by The Fernie Fix and Island Lake the film will be shown at the Vogue Theatre at 7pm with the after party at the Central to follow with Fernie’s Shred Kelly!

Tickets are $12 and will be available at Midge’s Mags and Movies and the Island Lake office downtown. More information to follow, but mark your calendars now to ensure you don’t miss this awesome event!”

A Small Town Social Update

Hello! It’s me, Brina L Schenk, the one who so enthusiastically started and updated Small Town Social for almost 2 years….along with a special amount of help from some friends who gave their time freely.

As you may have noticed my posts have been less than what they used to be (since the beginning of 2011) and it’s 100% due to the fact that I am pregnant (now over 8 months) and my energy and focus has gone elsewhere. I know there are a few of you (you know who you two are) that miss the good old days of three posts a day but I am becoming more and more aware of how:

1. I am less and less dedicated to this amazing project that at one time was all I could think about.

2. the people of Fernie (and the rest of the Elk Valley) have certainly stepped it up in terms of getting information out there to the community. I slowly clap and gradually clap faster, more enthusiastically, for all those local businesses who have embraced social media in the past couple years, a few that come to mind are: Freyja Fashion (and all the other projects Chantel has started up), Fernie Fix, Essential Yoga Studio, Fernie Chamber of Commerce, Boardstiff, Sparwood Golf, Elkford, Kyle at The Northern, Loaf Bakery, Le Grand Fromage, Poison Apple Tattoo, Shred Kelly and Fernie Alpine Resort. There are so many more local businesses on Twitter, Facebook and blogging now compared to 2009. It’s a fact.

3. I love pie. This is not important but it’s also a fact and I wanted to have three points. This past weekend I made my first pie from scratch and it tastes delicious.

This isn’t a good-bye, by any means, but more of an explanation as to why STS has slowed down and will most likely slow down even more in the near future. If you keep coming back, bless you, but if you decide to move on, I completely understand.

Thank you for coming to Small Town Social as often as you have (even if this is the first time) and I hope to one day be able to get more involved in the community again. Right now I am going to focus on being the best mom I can be and will, most likely, report on our adventures as a small family living socially in this town. It still works. Right?

Well, look at me! I’m so grown up.

Kinky Rail Jam Video – From Nic Genovese and Fernie Fix

January 9th, 2011 at Fernie Alpine Resort.