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Fernie On Instagram : Outdoor Classroom


Forest School Yurt Fund Raising

From Beyond4Walls gofundme page:

“We need your help to purchase a Yurt to use as an indoor warming hut ~ a place where the children can escape the harsh elements in times of emergency or need. This Yurt will be a situated in the woods and has been chosen as the most suitable structure for the  children, instructors and volunteers.  A Yurt can give a rustic, cabin like feel and emanate a calm sense of peace. A yurt has a very low impact on the earth and can be easily taken down in a matter of hours.

Your donation, whether it big or small, will help more and more children access outdoor programs.  The funds raised wil greatly help out the whole organization (Outdoor Connections) as other programs can hopefully have access to the Yurt.   It is our hope that school groups, youth groups and community members can all benefit from a yurt in the woods.”

Fernie (Informal) Forest School

Trees At The Bottom

Just recently, a group of moms, who believe in the benefits of outdoor play, have started a group called Forest School. This is what their facebook page says:

“Every Friday at 3.30 we will get together in a different place each time, come rain or shine (cold weather permitting). We’ll play and explore outside, throw stones, jump in muddy puddles, pet horses, learn to make fires, eat berries etc For parents and toddlers who want to get outside; play, explore and socialize in Fernie.
Disclaimer: This is NOT a real school but a group inspired by the Forest Schools that are becoming popular nowadays.”

If you’re interested in being part of this, you should look them up on facebook and get involved.