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Fernie Mom : Please, Forgive Us

We forget what it’s like. Once we’re out of an age phase, whether that is babies or napping 2 year olds, we kind of forget what it’s like. If you have guests overstaying their welcome because they don’t have a tired baby in their arms, remind them, gently, to get the F out of their house so your kids can have some quiet time. We will understand. We have forgotten.

A Christmas Story

Orphan Christmas in Fernie BC - a small house, 7 families, loads of kids.

For days leading up to Christmas I was a bit worried about having 29 people at our small house for Christmas day dinner. 7 families, 14 kids, 15 adults, many beyblades ripping. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough food. I was worried the kids would be so crazy and wild, we wouldn’t be able to think straight. I was worried I didn’t have enough for people to do. All for nought! The party was great, the kids were civilized, the food was amazing and somehow, almost like a miracle, there was way too much to eat. My dessert plate was just as full as my dinner plate. I love when things just work out, with the help of 29 other people, that is. I’ll try and worry a little less because every holiday ends with a magnificent feast and fabulous company.

None of us have our families around but it’s much less noticeable when you have such a great Fernie family. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Communal Living Revisited

We’re living with a family of four for a week and I’m already thinking about communal living again. I believe I mentioned it after our multi-family trip to Costa Rica, about how great the idea is, in theory. Or, perhaps, I didn’t mention it but just thought about it. Either way, I love the idea of sharing a space with another family. It feels easier, although I know there would be kinks to iron out. Such as, will people be bitter about their roles in the household? How would chores be divided? How much of the space is shared and what space is your own? What if a family wanted to move? Who replaces them? Would friendships be ruined? Would couples be afraid to fight? Would we judge each other for our imperfections?

I’ve been thinking about it.

It seems to complicated when I start thinking about it.

So I keep thinking about it.

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Pie By Dana Oikawa

Dana Oikawa - Sour Cherry Pie
It’s a sour cherry pie and it was a very good idea!! Jealous?

Thanks, Dana and Bianca. You drove all the way to Fernie from Vancouver on a wintery day to spend 2 days with our family and make us pie. That’s love.

Thanksgiving with friends – Potluck

A potluck dinner with friends for thanksgiving is what my doctor ordered to cure the winter’s-on-the-way blues. Everyone stepped up with their own dish and, together, created a night of an over stimulated palate and expanded stomachs.

What’s Involved:
• Local grocery store
• A little elbow grease
• A lot of love
• A few extra chairs and tables from various houses
• One large capable house