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Fernie Spring Break Programs At The Library

Fernie Heritage Library - Spring Break Schedule


Winter Programs At Fernie Heritage Library

After School Programs Fernie BC at Fernie Heritage Library

Fernie After School Lego Program

Youth Programs Through Fernie Heritage Library

Fernie Heritage Library - Back To School Kids Programs - Lego, Creative Programslibrary_teenprograms

Halloween Howler At Fernie Heritage Library

Outdoor Halloween Howler at Fernie Heritage Library

It’s outside this year! With or without radon, I feel like the basement gets too busy and loud during their holiday events. Outside is a good idea.

If you’re not familiar with Fernie Heritage Library, I believe they’re offering some of the best programming in town. They’re inclusive, creative, fun and inviting to all ages. It truly is the living room of the community. www.fernie.bc.libraries.coop.

Bibbity Bobbity Boo – Free Fun Festival For Kids

Bibbity Bobbity Boo - Fun Festival For Kids - 2012 - Rotary Park Fernie BC

On The Web – Chain Reaction Game

On The Web - Chain Reaction Online Game
Need a quick break? Try playing this simple game called Chain Reaction. It’s fun for like a minute and if that’s all you need, it’s perfect.

On The Web – BBC Game Questionaut

Questionaut by BBC - Educational Game
Questionaut, from BBC, is a beautifully illustrated game that tests your knowledge of English, Maths and Science. I used to be addicted to video games when I was younger (around the age of 27) especially video games that involved problem solving. Have you ever played Oddworld? LOVED it. Munch’s Oddysee – finished it. No big deal. This game is actually nothing like Oddworld.

I didn’t get too far in Questionaut. As Tim Hortons so consistently encourages, I will please play again.