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Two Girls Out On The Town (For A Quick 20 Minutes)

eye of the needle grand opening
My 3 year old daughter accompanied me to the grand opening of Eye Of The Needle last Friday. She was the perfect person to take to a place with expensive crafts like fragile glass balls. I joke – she was very well behaved and got the most excited when she saw this really cool dollhouse that she could touch. The little stuffed family members and cat could sit in various pockets throughout the house. I thought it was a great idea (picture below).

The whole store is filled with unique pieces that were made by people who have trained in the various crafts and work hard on them. They are offering functional pieces for your home but every thing in the store is a work of art.

It was hard to keep my eyes off my little girl but I did notice, at the corner of my eye, the event was really well attended and abundantly catered. The co-owner, Sandra Barrett, was showing off the shop with a big smile on her face, which was really nice to see.

eye of the needle grand opening

New Business News : Eye Of The Needle Opens Today!

New Fernie business Eye Of The Needle is hosting a grand opening tonight, 5 to 9pm, at their wonderful location 260 5th Street (opposite the Fernie Heritage Library). Eye Of The Needle’s main floor showcases hand crafted pieces (glass artists, metal artists, blacksmiths, candle makers and fiber artists) and a studio space upstairs houses Flo and her sewing and dying equipment.

For a bit more information on who’s in the gallery and what the place is about, check out this article on the Kootenay Arts Bulletin.

A bit more about Flo and what she has to offer (from facebook):
“I’m set up with 3 industrial machines, so am available to do work wear, outwear and leather. (Big jobs are welcomed) I also specialize in dying, so if you got a garment or shoes that you love, but just don’t dig the colour anymore, I can help you out with that.”

EOTN will be open on Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 5:00, Saturdays 11:30 to 5:30. The studio will be open by appointment or by chance – phone Florence (778) 995-9151.

Freshies Grand Opening

Freshies Cafe in Fernie - Grand Opening 2011
As a teacher, I’m fortunate to be able to spend school breaks in Fernie. In summer this means eight relaxing weeks of river-rafting, disc-golf in James White Park and bike rides up to Mount Fernie Provincial Park.

Things get dodgy in winter, though, when my status is downgraded to part-timer. I find myself jamming my city-bound duties into five never-ending days just to get to those golden forty-four weekend Fernie hours.

When in town on a lazy summer day or in a frenzied winter rush, my visits to Freshies have always been scheduled in ink.  From my very first visit back in 2007, Freshies was the place to meet. Within its rough brick and warm yellow walls, I attended my first author reading, was interviewed for the local paper and was offered a position as a Fernie Writers’ Conference instructor. As time went on, I met more and more locals and became a whiz at picking out the tourists.

Often,  my coffee (or tea) date and I just sat and sipped in front of our plates of home-baked goods and soaked up the chatter of children playing in the front window while their parents (often holding newborns—you know what I’m talking about!) told war stories of the latest snow day or maybe that black bear on the bike trail; or the city guys, talking about snow removal, or road construction; or the sound of laughter coming from the till as another customer was teased and made welcome.

Freshies is the place I brought my five-year-old daughter on warm summer days when she was still too young to attend Adventure Camp. Adventure Camp? Pshaw! Soon I had a little Freshie Fan begging to go back. She’d arrive with her Barbie backpack filled with colouring books and paper and crayons. First order of business: grab a juicebox from the cooler, then find a place to settle in  and colour replicas of all the hand-painted tiles inlaid in the tables as mom yapped to her friends.

So I must admit, I’m a little sad to hear of Freshies’ relocation. It’s been a great touchstone for an out-of-towner. More than a coffee shop, it’s a place to gather and regroup. Come “home,” if only for an hour. Or three.

Pushing aside these maudlin feelings, I think of the day I brought my little girl in for a lunch date. She has a nut allergy, and we weren’t sure we should risk a cross-contamination allergic reaction. When I spoke to Kim about it, she immediately went in the back and found nut-free wraps and fresh veggies. No problem. Soup? Check. Wiping down the prep area, just to be safe? Yep, of course. And throughout the discussion, she included my daughter, asking what she liked, and is this okay? How about that?

You’ve never seen a bigger smile on a little girl. She belonged. This was her place.

In the end, it doesn’t matter where Freshies is — that vibe you get, that heart — comes from the people that run it.

Best of luck! We can’t wait to check out the new digs.

Meet you at Freshies!

– Kim McCullough

Fernie Banner Project 2010 :: Revealing Night

Fernie Banner Project 2010
The 6th Annual Fernie Banner Project
is officially ready to reveal the flags that have been selected to wave proudly over Victoria Avenue in remarkable downtown Fernie!

The Adjudication Committee was again amazed with the remarkable array of talent that artists working in Fernie possess. The number of entries for 2010 continued the trend of annual increased submissions and the prospects for the Sixth Annual Banner Project explored all aspects of inspiration with artists working with paint, film, fabric and everything in between. The talent in Fernie is organic and explosive as all residents and visitors in Fernie will experience when the 35 selected banners colour the days and nights of an already illuminating community!

The finished banners will be unveiled at the Banner Project Launch at The Arts Station Tonight, Wednesday, April 21, at 7pm. as part of BC Arts and Culture Week. This is the time where you can sponsor a banner for just $100 and help add color and culture to our streets. Two years later, the banner is yours! After the banner has hung along Victoria (2nd) Avenue for a year it is then relocated along the highway for another. This project is possible thanks to the City of Fernie and the District Arts Council who underpin the project. It is your generosity that makes the Project sustainable and all who experience the artistic explosion in their day appreciate it!

Loaf Bakery Grand Opening And Specials

Loaf Bakery Grand Opening
Don’t miss the Loaf Bakery Grand Opening this Saturday, January 9th. The Drive 99.1 will be broadcasting live from Loaf between 10am – 3pm. There will be prizes and free coffee with every purchase and it will be an opportunity to meet us and see what all the fuss is all about! Don’t miss the chance to win our wonderful gift boxes packed full of our delicious bread, cakes & pastries – come by to see us this Saturday at 1201-6th Ave, Fernie.

January Specials at Loaf Bakery

Loaf Bakery Breakfast Specials
All you can eat toast & toppings with complimentary brew coffee – a brilliant deal for $5

We’ve also created a delicious ham & egg Breakfast Pizza with free brew coffee – a perfect start to the day at $7