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Fernie On Instagram : Moose In The Parking Lot


Fernie On Instagram : Art At The Arts Station

The Art Expo

Fernie On Instagram : Pizza Lunch At The Valley Social

Views Of Fernie : Downtown Blossoms

It's especially gorgeous downtown Fernie right now. And it smells good, too. #ferniestoke #2ndave #blossoms #spring

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Blue Toque Take Over

I think I worded that wrong. I’m not taking over The Blue Toque but my illustrations are going to be looking over your shoulder as you eat your awesome breakfast/lunch at The Blue Toque! Get in there and buy one, if you want to continue the over-the-shoulder creeping from home. And you might! They are all originals and all signed by me.

Found On Instagram : Capybara Olympic Dive Wins Gold

I’m Feeling This Right Now