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Phones Cannot Swim

Phoenix on a bike ride - Instagram

I’ve had my iPhone 4S since my daughter was 6 months old. She’s almost 7! I’ve mentioned this cellphone a few times along the way but today, perhaps, it might have dinged it’s last ding. It might have taken its last photo of my children. It might have overheated in my truck dashboard for the last time. The poor thing. I’ve taken this phone for a long ride and it’s now a dark black screen of nothing. Phones cannot swim. They die. Lesson relearned.

It’s in rice right now but I’m already researching what phone I’m going to get next and it’s going to be AMAZING compared to the old grandpa phone I was using. Look at me, I’ve moved on so quickly.

So obviously I want a new iPhone can but can you recommend something better?

My Phone & I

IMG_1617When my daughter was 6 months old I bought myself my first smart phone and I’ve had the same smart phone ever since. The same one! When I bought it, it was a precious fragile gem. I dressed it in the most expensive unbreakable case and did all the things I was told to do to extend its battery life. Now I carry it around without a case, I don’t think of the battery at all and I put up with the other silly things it does – silly, 4S. There are things I’d like it to do that I see other iPhone uses do. I’m excited for the time in my life when I can do slow motion videos too.

There have been two times in the last 6 years when I suspected my phone was a goner. One time I lost it in the snow while sledding and it didn’t turn on for almost a week. Most recently,  I found my 4S in my pocket with a dime wedged in the battery slot and it didn’t turn on for 24 hours – I pronounced it dead and then it came back!

This morning I read that Apple has updated the software on old phones to slow them down. I’ve been experiencing this exact thing! But, Apple, until my phone dies, this phone will be my phone no matter how slow you make it. Mwhhaaaa ha ha ha. My phone & I have been through so much together. Slow motion videos and a lot of new emoticons that I don’t understand are going to have to wait.

A New Addiction

Hey there! It’s me. Remember me? It’s been a while. I blame my new iPhone. It’s been entertaining me day and night. I mean look at this photo!!

Phoenix on a bike ride - Instagram
She’s so friggin cute! And look at this one…

Old Fernie Beer Bottle
This phone can make anything look cool.

So that’s my update. I’m just playing Draw Something, taking photos, sliding and looking up at the stars via SkyView.