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Day Trip To Dorr Road – Lake Koocanusa

Dorr Road - Driftwood Structures - sandy beach

Over coffee this morning, Rod and I decided we needed to go somewhere fun today and we realized that we hadn’t been to Dorr Road in a long time. So we went. It was a beautiful day spent in refreshing water (Lake Koocanusa) and soft sand. Yes, please and thank you very much.

Dorr Road - Lake Koocanusa Dorr Road Campsite - Dog Waiting - Floating on the lake dusty drive out of Dorr Road Lake Koocanusa

Camping With Friends At Big Pine

Big Pine Campgrounds - Lake Koocanusa - rhino ride

A couple weeks ago we stayed with some friends at their trailer on Lake Koocanusa. It was certainly more on the glamping side, which isn’t our usual, but I can’t say I hated all the extras. I immediately saw the benefits of having a place that’s all set up (to the max) with only clothes and food to worry about. The kids were so happy with their dirty faces, dusty clothes and wind blown hair – it was such a treat to see them out there doing something different. We went mid week, which was brilliant as the beach was empty and the lake was quiet. Our hosts were of the most and we relaxed more than we would have if we had gone camping, that’s for sure, plus, we all boarded their jet boat and the kids just wanted to go faster and faster.

We’re just loving summer time and feeling so blessed that such a place is just a mere 45 minute drive away. Thanks, friends, for inviting us to your palace on the lake!

Big Pine Campgrounds - Lake Koocanusa - Boat dock Big Pine Campgrounds - Lake Koocanusa - boat flip Big Pine Campgrounds - Lake Koocanusa - Beach Big Pine Campgrounds - Lake Koocanusa - kid's table Big Pine Campgrounds - Lake Koocanusa - kid's energy Big Pine Campgrounds - Lake Koocanusa - happy faces

Did You Know…The Fire Is Contained

did you know - city of fernie news

From City of Fernie’s website:

BC Wildfire Service confirms the wildfire east of Lake Kookanusa and south of Cutts Road toward the Elk River is now 100% contained. Crews will continue mopping up hot spots on the fire’s perimeter, with help of a sustained action crew from Ontario.

Quick Trip To Lake Koocanusa – Just To See What It’s Like

lake koocanusa - dorr road - over the bridge

We love going to Lake Koocanusa in the winter just to see how much nicer it is there…maybe see some dirt. Well, we found some dirt! We also came across this ominous fog just as we were crossing the bridge, heading south, on Hwy 93. You know the big bridge you drop down into? It was creepy. On the other side was blue skies and awesomeness. We played on Dorr Road for a while, had a snack, threw some rocks and the clouds started to come down the lake! It followed us. Creepy.

lake koocanusa - dorr road - found some dirt lake koocanusa - dorr road - ominous clouds lake koocanusa - dorr road - tire tracks in the snow lake koocanusa - dorr road - running dogs

The Bike Jump And Boat Trip

Look what we found - bike jump! Rod's first attemptLook what we found - a bike jump! Effects by EricLook what we found - a bike jump! Adam up highLook what we found! A bike jump - The Observers' dogsLook what we found - a bike jump! Dave Thompson extra longLook what we found - a bike jump! CheerleadersSonny on the boat - pushing the horn and laughing about itKoocanusa - High watersLook what we found - a bike jump! Shot of the day with EricLeroy - Not impresed. Let's go home.Look what we found - a bike jump! Adam's attemptLook what we found! A bike jump - The ObserversLook what we found - a bike jump! TP goes inAndre, Marni and SonnyA quick boat ride to the cliffs at Koocanusa - Marni, Andre, Marie, Franky