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It’s Lantern Festival Day!! It All Begins At The Arts Station

The Fernie Lantern Festival - Into The Woods - Fernie BC


Fernie Lantern Festival & Community Fundraising

into the woods fernie lantern festival - lanterns, fundraising, snacks

The Fernie Lantern Festival is just 2 days away. Aahhee yaaaaeee! Our lantern Community Builds are done and there are so many lanterns in the works. It’s going to be an incredible sight! But I just wanted any of my readers to know, if you didn’t get a chance to make your own lanterns, Hospice artists/volunteers created some that are going to be available for $10 at the Arts Station (Nov 19) from 6pm – all proceeds to Hospice.  Support a great local cause and join the event at 6:30! They sold out last time so get there early.

While we’re talking about fundraising, Bright Beginnings Community Preschool will be set up at the Aquatic Centre grounds with snacks to eat. Don’t forget to bring some change!

And, of course, there will be free hot chocolate – thanks, Starbucks!

Found On Instagram : Story Of The Forest

Fernie Lantern Festival 2016 Planning Begins

Fernie Lantern Festival - Into The Woods

Just wanted to let you know, the planning of Fernie’s Lantern Festival 2016 has begun and we’re cooking up a good one. Here’s a little peek into the theme for this year.

If you’re interested in the event, because it’s a good one, there are a few ways you can help out.
Make your own lantern to be displayed and paraded about at the festival. Although the theme is Into The Woods, you are more than welcome to create whatever you fancy. We offer space at the Arts Station in the fall, where you will have access to materials and lantern making inspiration. Schedule coming soon!
Join the team. We are creating an enchanted world for all our festival goers to interact with. It’s a lot of work to put it together and a few extra hands are always welcome. If you’re not into building, there are many other ways you can help us stay organized and on schedule.
Lend some materials. A lantern festival needs a lot of lights! If you have christmas lights (outdoor) that we can use for the night, we would love to borrow them. All materials to be returned! Promise.
Beyond lights, we are always looking for:
• old bamboo blinds
• long willow branches
• wood scraps
• house spot lights

Art On Fire Lantern Festival Photos

Art On Fire Lantern Festival in Fernie BC 2010 Jamie Hide PhotographyArt On Fire Lantern Festival Fernie BC 2010 Jamie Hide PhotographyArt On Fire Lantern Festival Fernie BC 2010 Jamie Hide PhotographyAbove photos by Jamie Hide Photography

Art On Fire Lantern Festival in Fernie on November 20th, 2010 was over in a blink of an eye but what a blink it was! The fast forward feeling of the evening was mostly due to my own involvement in the organization of lanterns. There was no time to just sit back and enjoy what was happening in Fernie right at that moment. So thank goodness Jamie Hide and Bernie Parlmer took these amazing photos!

Jamie Hide PhotographyArt On Fire photos.
Bernie PalmerArt On Fire Picasa photos

If anyone happens to have a good shot of my owl lantern (also known as parrot), I’d love to have/see it!!

Art On Fire Lantern Festival Fernie 2010 photos by Bernie PalmerAbove photo by Bernie Palmer

Art On Fire IS ON!

Art On Fire - Fernie's Lantern Festival on November 20th 2010We have fairly clear skies, Houston! Art On Fire is ON! It all starts at 6 pm at The Arts Station. Later!

Art On Fire – Lantern Festival in Fernie Begins At The Arts Station

Art On Fire - Fernie's Lantern Festival on November 20th 2010Come out on November 20th, 2010 to Fernie’s first Lantern Festival Art On Fire! It all begins at The Arts Station – bring the whole family!

How the night is going to roll out:

6 pm – arrive at The Arts Station to pick up your lantern or bring your own
6:30 pm – a welcoming message and judging of the lanterns. Cash prizes for the ones that are submitted by November 19th. Details to come.
7 pm – there’s a procession from The Arts Station, down 2nd Ave and over to the Aquatic Centre – with drumming and music.
7:30 – 9 pm – Cake eating, choir and fire performance, burning of an effigy and fireworks!

A little more about how the night begins…

6 pm At The Arts Station
PICK UP/BRING LANTERNS – you don’t need to have a lantern made to pick one up. Bring yours along, if you have one (for a few quick lantern making ideas, check our Art On Fire page on Facebook)! We’re also looking for people without lanterns to carry The Arts Station lanterns!

You can bring your own light (small flashlight, LED light etc) OR pay for lights at The Arts Station ($2 – can be refunded at the end of the night.) Tea lights, for jars and properly vented paper lanterns are free.

Poles will be available to hang lanterns on.

JUDGING – Judging of all the lanterns will take place at this time. If you have a larger lantern that requires some set up, please be a little early. Thanks!

It’s free to attend Art On Fire.
It will cost $2 for a light (refundable).
It’s family friendly.
It’s lots of fun.

In case of a Rainy day, call 423-4842 or check www.theartsstation.com after 1pm on the day.

Afterwards, the 5-20 WordFest will take place at Grand Central, if you want the party to continue.