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Full Moon Ski & Social

beginner x country skiing coal creek road with rod and leroy

Fernie Nordic Society is hosting a Full Moon Ski & Social on January 1st from 7 – 10pm at Elk Valley Nordic Centre (Mt Fernie Park Road)


Fernival In Fernie, According To Brina

April Wine, PDA, hangers, rock’n out, fatty steaks from Back Country Meats that burst our whole bbq into flames, races across the backyard and then early to bed = Fernival Weekend.

There’s still the Slope Soaker to come. I’m not sure we can handle all this goodness in one weekend.

Fernival Weekend - Andre and Toby at April WineToby, Andre and Marni made it out for the free outdoor show too.

April Wine at Fernie Alpine Resort. The sun came out just as they started to play.

Fernival Weekend - Phoenix loving April Wine“Put it up to eleven!” says Phoenix.

Fernival Weekend - Emma and Al PDA“Get a room!” shouts the neighbours.

Fernival Weekend - Poor Leroy - Stuck like this for a long time.Poor thing. He was like this for a couple minutes, just starring at me as if he was saying “help. me.” So I take a picture.

Fernival - Could have been a lady.I think we know what Phoenix is going to be when she’s older… Stay tuned.

“Blink twice if he’s still behind me.”

Phoenix - Is he still there?
We’ve been feeling a bit of this since moving into a City of Fernie neighbourhood with actual neighbours and not just being worried about bears watching me change into my flannel pjs.

But to the smallest degree. I mostly enjoy having people around – seeing them walk in front of our house, living their lives, having friends stop by to say “hi”. I feel more part of the community rather than a queen starring at all my little minions.

Leroy is even enjoying our new place with over 10 acres less to roam around (this may all be in my head). I believe this because we interact with him more – take him for walks or bike rides throughout the day, rather than just opening the door and letting him roam as he pleased. He did have a very important job in the old house: protecting us from bears, moose, deer, squirrels, crickets etc. But now he has a even bigger job – to bug us until we take him for a walk.

Anyways. Just letting you know we’re enjoying our new place, being around people and being able to walk everywhere without the thought of climbing a large steep hill on the way home. Life is good.

The Move And Settling In

We did it. We moved successfully and we are loving our new home. If it wasn’t for our friends I probably would have had a minor heart attack, but I was saved! It took a few days for everyone to settle in but we’re back on schedule.

Here are a few photos from the past week.
Moving to Annex neighbourhood in Fernie - boxesMoving to Annex neighbourhood in FernieAdjusting to new home - finally fits in dwight's t-shirtAdjusting to new home - leroy dog getting comfortableAdjusting to new home - new ideasAdjusting to new home - first day playing outsideAdjusting to new home - don't get me startedAdjusting to new home - bath bubble beardAdjusting to new home - ladybug composer

When Good Halloween Costumes Go Bad

Oh. Look! It’s a rare sighting of a DQ Ice Cream Cone, here in Fernie! How cute!
happy halloween - dq ice cream cone costume
Wait. Where are you going?
happy halloween - dq ice cream cone costume
Where did you get that? and more importantly, what are you going to do with it?
and more important than THAT, what did you already do with it?
happy halloween - dq ice cream cone costume
I’m going to tell your mother what you’re doing and she’s not going to be happy to hear that at all. Wait. Stop. I know what you’re thinking and I’m not impressed.
happy halloween - dq ice cream cone costume
That’s right. Wait. What are you doing? Leroy!! Come back!! O.k. O.k. I take it back. I won’t tell your mother.
happy halloween - dq ice cream cone costume
Oh. How beautiful a creature, yet so dangerous.

Happy Halloween!!

note: no dogs were harmed in the shooting of this sequence.