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Little Sprouts & Mountain Kids

Little Sprouts Kids Program at EcoGarden Fernie

These two popular summer programs start tomorrow:

Mountain Kids at Rotary Park, for 0-6 year olds and their caregivers. 9:30-11:30. Tomorrow there will be sprinklers, snacks, stories and activities provided. Brought to you by Fernie Women’s Centre. For more details: Mountain Kids Facebook Page

Little Sprouts in the Garden, for 0-6 year olds, runs every Thursday at the EcoGarden in Prentice Park, Fernie in July and August from 9:30-11:30am. This program is facilitated by the Wildsight Elk Valley Branch. For more details: Little Sprouts Facebook Page


Views Of Fernie : Floating, Angels, Markets and Gardens

Fernie Float Down Elk River
(Refreshing float down the Elk River)

EcoGarden (Community Garden in Fernie) Angel Garden
(Angel Garden at Fernie’s Community Garden)

Fernie Sunday Market In Rotary Park
(Fernie’s Sunday market begins)

Little Sprouts Kids Program at EcoGarden Fernie
(Little Sprouts getting started at EcoGarden)

All photos are posted are from Saving Knots’ Instagram

Little Sprouts Starts Again This Morning

Little Sprouts Fernie BC - Eco Garden - Community Garden program
(from 2014 Little Sprouts)

Little Sprouts is one of my favorite Fernie programs for kids. It’s free, you’re surrounded by a beautiful garden and they organize a craft, snack and story before we all say bye until next week. I looked forward to it last summer and I’ll do the same again this summer.

Thursdays from 9:30-11:30 am at the Eco Garden or Community Garden (by the tracks.)

Two Years Later

brina - cottage tree drawing

What has happened over the past two years, you ask? Wow. What a good question. Let me think. I’ll cover a few of the big ones.

1. We had a boy, who is now 1 and a half years old. His name is Roman. He has been the most charming little boy I’ve ever met. I know, I’m his mom, I must say this, but I’m being very serious when I say Roman will be a funny guy. He is already making us laugh and he’s not even talking yet.

Phoenix is now three and a quarter. She’s attending preschool, she loves drawing happy faces, puzzling, singing (but not at preschool), spelling her name and she’s a beautiful person. I’m so happy to have her in my life.

While I’m talking about my children, I should mention my appreciation for local kid’s programs. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of going to these “mommy groups” but then I realized how awesome they are! And they’re not mommy groups at all, or not how I pictured them in my head. The programs provide fun environments for children and their parents, or whoever is caring for them, to play. They play with new toys, new kids (although, a lot of the same people attend the programs, which is great too), plus, they get snacks! It’s fantastic!

I strongly recommend:
Strong Start at Isabella Dicken Elementary School. Monday-Friday 9-12pm but you can come and go at any time.
Parent Tot Fun Times at Knox United Church – 201 2nd Ave. Mondays 9:30-12pm but you can come and go at any time.
Little Sprouts at Fernie’s Community Garden – in the summer. One of my favorite summer programs.

2. I’m creative again. After I got pregnant with Phoenix I lost a lot of my passion for painting and all things creative (a big reason as to why I took an STS break) and I put it to the side for a while. I was just about to get back into making things when I got pregnant with Roman but this time I didn’t completely lose my creative drive. Now, with Roman and Phoenix a bit older, I’m really enjoying it once again. Rod is a star and made me a large canvas to paint on, the biggest one I’ve ever worked on, and I’ve been taking my time with it. New drawing pens were bought, new hobbies taken up and new plans in the works. It’s all a little too exciting for me.

3. I miss blogging. This, in fact, isn’t 100% true. I miss blogging about Fernie. That’s true. I did start another secret blog after I ended STS…but that’s another story.

4. Also, I’ve gained a bit of weight, enjoyed some really good books, participated in the dumpster painting project, helped plan the lantern festival, carved a few awesome stamps, learned to sew (am still learning to sew), attended a few great author readings put on by the people of Booked! Fernie Writers’ Series and I’m trying to get into winter. I’m happy!