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Birthday Weekend At Loon Lake

There’s nothing like celebrating a birthday with amazing friends, camping at a local lake. The “local” part is important because we ended up camping with about fifteen extra Fernie families, on top of our group of 5 families, and the kids came home with their cups full and passed out for 13 hours. Everyone left the campground happy, even my husband who had to go to the hospital for 5 stitches on his finger.

Camping is one of the only ways I can completely relax and let go. My phone was off for four days and that felt amazing. The kids were busy and happy with new and old friends. The lake was glassy smooth and clear and the campfire roared for hours each night. Life is truly good.

Our Morning At Loon Lake

Loon Lake BC with the family - day trip

A visit to Loon Lake for the morning was a good idea. The day use area has a great tree covered spot so I never felt like I was baking and couldn’t avoid it, which happens so often. Plus, I have my hat again so I’m a happy person. We only stayed for a few hours and then packed up for home…after a quick stop at 3&93 first, of course.

Loon Lake - amazing caterpillar Loon Lake - Dog Shake Loon Lake - Turtle Swimming Under Boat 3 & 93 restaurant and ice cream shop