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FAR Summer Opening and Community Appreciation Day

fernie alpine resort - aerial park and playground

There are two important dates for those who live in Fernie and for those who have purchased summer passes for Fernie Alpine Resort.

First of all, a summer pass is $269 for an adult until June 23rd – then it goes up $30.
FAR opens up June 23rd and closes September 3rd.
Fernie’s Community Appreciation Day is July 8th.

Also, who’s excited for the kid’s zipline park to open? We are!

That is all.


Confessions Of A Lazy Person : Not Biking In Whitefish


Nine of us traveled to Whitefish for a biking bachelorette weekend this past weekend and I was the only one who didn’t bike. It wasn’t a hard decision for me as I still have no feeling in most of my foot and if I do too much my leg gets super achy and I’m just a little tired of achy. So I stayed back and did some swimming and hot tubbing and a bit of walking, which was really good because I’m supposed to be walking on an incline, good for the stiffness, and I haven’t been.

I’m okay with being the oddball in a group. I’m getting good at being that person. I like that everyone has accepted this part of me. I had no grief for it, although I had a great excuse, but I feel as though if I had not broken my leg this wonderful group of bike crazy women would have been very cool with me not participating (to my face). I love that.

A Mini Hike Around Lake Trail At Island Lake Lodge

Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - beautiful stops

I couldn’t put my phone down at Island Lake Lodge on Sunday. It is just too beautiful and every time we turned a corner there was a new amazing site to see. We thought Lake Trail would be the perfect place to introduce hiking to our 3 and 2 year old and we were right…it was just enough hike for them. At the end, Rod biked down the new and hyped Lazy Lizard and we collected him at the bottom. In a couple years, maybe even next summer, we’ll take them on the Old Growth Trail and finish up with lunch on the Island Lake outdoor patio.

Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - gorgeous board walks Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - exploring the rivers Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - finish with lazy lizard Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - view of the lodges Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - log swamp Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - hiking in fernie Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - things to do

Found On Twitter : Women’s Bike Camp

Views Of Fernie :: Top Of Hyper-extension

Rod took this photo of Ronan and Henry during his bike ride last night. It was a special occasion, Ronan’s first time on Hyper-extension with his new bike. Look how happy he is (on the left)! This is Henry’s millionth time but he’s just as happy as Ronan…if not more.
Fernie Mountain Bike - Hyper Extension - Ronan and Henry

From Straight Line Bicycle & Ski Blog :: August Bike Sale In Full Effect!

Straight Line August Bike Sale - 2010

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From 6:8 Photography – TransRockies 2010 Bike Race

68 photography TransRockies Photos

It seems that the population of Fernie has swelled quite a bit over the past few days as riders, their families, and spectators have descended on Fernie for the start of the 2010 TransRockies Mountain Bike Race. Read and See the rest here.