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Coffee In Fernie – Who’s Brewing What

Fernie Coffee Shops - Brewing & Roasting Coffee

B e a n p o d

Beanpod roasts, serves and sells a Dark and Italian blend. It’s all done in their downtown Fernie shop in small batches…so it doesn’t get much fresher than that.

L o a f B a k e r y
Loaf daily brews Kootenay Coffee for everyone to enjoy. Kootenay Coffee comes from Nelson, BC. While you’re there, you should get a pumpkin loaf to go with your coffee. Deliciousness!

F r e s h i e s
Bean Around The World is brewed at Freshies from lighter brews to the darkest, slaps-you-in-your-face coffee you’ll ever taste. I couldn’t quite figure out the background of BATW but I do have fond memories of hanging out at BATW in Vancouver – so to have it in Fernie is a little heartwarming.

M u g s h o t s
Oso Negro is a popular coffee company from Nelson, BC. I like the coffee and Mugshots.

Of course, you can get coffee at other locations but these are the “coffee shops” of Fernie and sometimes it’s nice to know what they’re brewing (and roasting!)


Womb To Grow :: Infant Feeding Circle

womb to grow infant feeding circle in Fernie

Fernie’s Community Coupon Book

Fernie's Community Coupon Book
Last night was the big launch of Fernie’s Community Coupon Book. All the big names of the town were there to mingle, nibble on food that had so much garlic in it, you’re not sure if you should mingle anymore. Nooooo it was really good though. I had a good time spreading my garlic breath around…Keya was the biggest recipient. Sorry, Keya. The coupon books are now available around town, and more so by the end of the week. If you’re interested in purchasing one, I got a bunch.

For those planning an event (such as, a wedding, fundraising event or family vacation) in Fernie, the Community Coupon Book contains coupons that could help you save lots ‘o bucks. There are savings for accommodations, white water rafting, tours, dining, printing, travel vacation packages, pet care, photography and loads of gift ideas. Sweeeeet.

The Launch Details:
Catered by: Mugshots
Electric guitar sweetness by: Mike Robicheau (of Shred Kelly)
Location thanks to: Sue from Evolve-ink and Annie of Fernie Blueprint