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Music Break : Sorcha Richardson


I’m lovin’ it.


Music Break – New Ceremony


A good mix of Sufjan Stevens and DeVotchKa and something else. I first heard the accoustic version of New Ceremony, which is beautiful, but this heavier, fuller version is wonderful as well. Dry the River, I’m going to have to research you a bit more.

Music Break : Sjowgren

I’m digg’n it. But I have no idea what she’s saying.

Music Break : Rostam’s Bike Dream

He has nice eyes.

Music Break : Old Friend


I just happened upon this song accidentally – life is funny like that.

Music Break : Overboard

Anyone else listen to Catherine Wheel when you were young? This song Overboard really reminds me of Catherine Wheel. Black Metallic anyone? That song takes me back to my college days.


Music Break : Fruity

This came on in my Discover Weekly playlist and I immediately stopped what I was doing and clicked into my Spotify. Rubblebucket. Never heard of them but this song stood out. I’m going to have to do more research. I hope you’re enjoying your Monday. My day started off with a nice walk about town and a little conversation with a local RCMP officer about a man exposing himself in town this morning. Hmm!