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Music Break – Always Forever

May this song get stuck in your head like it did mine.

Music Break : Blame Michelle

Michelle was all “hey, you gotta listen to Billie Eilish’s bad guy” and I’m all like “okay” and now I can’t get this song out of my head. Literally, all. day. long. it’s playing in the background.

The song is a bit creepy and so is the video but so catchy.

Music Break : Sorcha Richardson


I’m lovin’ it.

Music Break – New Ceremony


A good mix of Sufjan Stevens and DeVotchKa and something else. I first heard the accoustic version of New Ceremony, which is beautiful, but this heavier, fuller version is wonderful as well. Dry the River, I’m going to have to research you a bit more.

Music Break : Sjowgren

I’m digg’n it. But I have no idea what she’s saying.

Music Break : Rostam’s Bike Dream

He has nice eyes.

Music Break : Old Friend


I just happened upon this song accidentally – life is funny like that.