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OurFernie Classifieds – Two Single Beds

They look like good beds!

OurFernie Classifieds - Single Wooden Beds


Are There Less Garage Sales This Summer?

garage sales in fernie bc begin early this year

Before the days of the Community Garage Sale in May, Fernie was buzzing with garage sales every weekend and now I barely hear of any. Is it just me or are there not very many garage sales this summer?

Has the community garage sale ruined summer yard sales?


This could be all in my head because I just found this on ourfernie.com…but that’s just one.

8 to 3
SOMETHING FOR EVERY ONE: Small appliances, furniture, stereo,
sporting goods, kids stuff, books, clothing, art work, kitchen ware, glass ware, luggage, window coverings, camping supplies, and much more!

Our Fernie Deal – One Piece Suit

one piece snow suit

I’m posting this today because I’ve noticed quite a few hits to my site via the search term “one piece snow suit” and I just found one on ourfernie.com.

Get on it! and then in it!
Here’s the link:

Our Fernie Deal Of The Week – Cheap Bike

Our Fernie - Buy and Sell - Classifieds
OurFernie.com’s buy and sell section is not as cheap as I’d expect/like it to be. It feels like it’s getting harder and harder to find good deals in there…used beds for 500 dollars? bike rack for $150? It’s probably my own fault, thinking these pages of items for sale should be more like a yard sale…

“$0.50 for this book? I’ll give you $0.25.”…. “sold.”

I’m looking forward to summer yard sales.

Deal of the week today is the “Cheap bike“, without a picture, for $20.

“I’ll give you $10.”

Our Fernie Deal Of The Week – TV Unit/Armoire

Our Fernie classified of the week
I don’t know. It looks like it’s in good condition and they’re open to offers. Full details here.

Or there’s this TV Unit.

If you’re not into the TV Units, how about some “small low quality Harry Potter toys” for $10?

Our Fernie Deal Of The Week – Drum Set

Drum Kit - Our Fernie Deal - Classifieds Fernie
Our Fernie classified details here.

This does not compare to the amazing can’t pass this up deal TP got for her drum set last summer…but that’s not really important here. $250 for a good starter kit. Not bad.

Our Fernie Deal Of The Week – A Typewriter!

Typewriter in classifieds our fernie
See the details here.

I’m not sure why I find this so fascinating but I think having a typewriter would be awesome. $100 bucks OBO. Cool.