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A Christmas Story

Orphan Christmas in Fernie BC - a small house, 7 families, loads of kids.

For days leading up to Christmas I was a bit worried about having 29 people at our small house for Christmas day dinner. 7 families, 14 kids, 15 adults, many beyblades ripping. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough food. I was worried the kids would be so crazy and wild, we wouldn’t be able to think straight. I was worried I didn’t have enough for people to do. All for nought! The party was great, the kids were civilized, the food was amazing and somehow, almost like a miracle, there was way too much to eat. My dessert plate was just as full as my dinner plate. I love when things just work out, with the help of 29 other people, that is. I’ll try and worry a little less because every holiday ends with a magnificent feast and fabulous company.

None of us have our families around but it’s much less noticeable when you have such a great Fernie family. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Wildsight Elk Valley AGM

Wildsight Elk Valley AGM Meet - Green Roof Tour, Potluck & Meeting Fernie

“Come join us on May 28 for the Wildsight Elk Valley AGM! Green Roof tour followed by a potluck and AGM. We are also seeking a treasurer and vice-president — if you are anyone you know is interested in joining our Board please contact Courtney at elkvalley@wildsight.ca.”

New Years Eve To Me – In Pictures

House party with friends in Fernie - Food, Horse Heads, BonfireHouse party with friends in Fernie - Food, Horse Heads, BonfireHouse party with friends in Fernie - Food, Horse Heads, BonfireHouse party with friends in Fernie - Food, Horse Heads, BonfireHouse party with friends in Fernie - Food, Horse Heads, BonfireHouse party with friends in Fernie - Food, Horse Heads, Bonfire

Orphan Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in Fernie - Appetizers - Homemade Stuffed Cheese BunsChristmas Eve Potluck Dinner with Friends - Guys in the kitchenChristmas Eve - Turkey Preparations in the kitchenchristmas eve in fernie - orphan christmas potluckTristen Perras' Christmas Eve Dinnera fernie orphan christmas potluck dinner - christmas eve - rod and brina'sChristmas Eve BingoChristmas Eve Bingo Prizes

It Was A Merry Christmas

Christmas Day Mountains
It was a Christmas of firsts for this household. I made my first Roast Turkey and Rob took his first Christmas off Turkey duty, Rod dealt with his first burst hot water pipe on Christmas with 10 guests on their way and most of us took our first attempt at a dance motion game courtesy of Secret Santa. I would say it was a great Christmas. I was happy to spend my holiday with such an amazing bunch of characters, including my oldest brother, for another Potluck and Games Christmas.

Rod, Dwight and I were hosts and we took the time to make a few things smooth operator. Dwight came up with the idea of putting numbers behind little cut out stockings to choose the Secret Santa picking order and instead of placing all the food on the already cramped table, we chose to go buffet styles and beds were ready so the party could go all night long…and it did. Cranium was played, as well as a few other mini games a long the way, which can be welcome ice breaker for the new people. There were quite a few well chosen Secret Santa gifts, with a $10 limit, a few highlights were Dance Fire (I wasn’t about to let anyone steal it,) an emo-eagle, harmonica, mini classic game combo kit, new school battleship, chocolate and a few hilarious regifts.

I hope your holidays were as fun-filled and awesome. But it’s not the end of good times yet! Thank goodness.

Mediterranean Potluck and Games Night

December is all about eating food made with love and playing lots of games – for my friends and family. I realize games aren’t for everyone (such a crazy thought) but gladly I’ve surrounded myself with people who enjoy laughing and not shying away from embarrassment.

Last night a bunch of us got together for a Mediterranean potluck dinner, followed by Cranium and a new game called Think. For dinner, there was amazing slow cooked chicken, moussaka, stuffed chicken, chick pea salad and an amazing puffed pastry for dessert. With full bellies we took the evening over to the couch for Cranium (pictured above) and then Think. Think is a game that is easy to play and fun for all types of creative or non-creative minds. To finish off the night, Marie had created little aloe plant party favours for each household. Marie thought of everything! What a good host.

Think Directions: each person writes down a category that starts with “Things…” for instance, “Things you wouldn’t say to your Grandmother” or “Things you would eat with peanut butter.” Put all the categories in a pile and select the first person to lead a round. The leader reads off a category blindly selected from the pile and each player, including the leader, then writes down their answer. The leader collects all the answers and reads them off to everyone. NOW, moving clockwise from the leader, each person gets a go at figuring out who said what. If you guess right, you try and guess another person’s answer. If you guess wrong, the person to your left gives it a try. Once your answer has been guessed, you’re out of the guessing lineup. The last person standing for each round “wins.”
Think Needs: small pieces of paper to secretly write on, pens/pencils

Thanksgiving with friends – Potluck

A potluck dinner with friends for thanksgiving is what my doctor ordered to cure the winter’s-on-the-way blues. Everyone stepped up with their own dish and, together, created a night of an over stimulated palate and expanded stomachs.

What’s Involved:
• Local grocery store
• A little elbow grease
• A lot of love
• A few extra chairs and tables from various houses
• One large capable house