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Sharing Time : 8 Brocades Qigong Practice

I’ve been needing a little time in my day to clear my mind, my mind is always racing, and I just thought I’d share this little video I found. I took a short Qigong class in Fernie in 2010, and graduated with honours (or did I just get wave goodbye and a friendly “thanks for coming”…) Every so often I’ll whip out (so slowly) some Qigong moves that I remember and it helps. It really does.

Side note, I think that’s what I most appreciate about mobiles. I’ve been all about mobiles for a long time and now I’m trying to design mobiles with a friend….where was I, when I came home from a bike ride one night last week I looked up at the simple rock and stick mobile in our carport and I watched it as it slowly rotated around. In that moment, I felt so relaxed and at peace.

Alright. Just in case you were wondering “How does she survive?” This is how. Also, if you do watch the video, the guy who pokes his head around the corner is my favourite. He makes me laugh every time.


A Glimpse at Fernie’s Relay For Life

Relay For Life 2010 - Fernie BCRelay For Life 2010 - Fernie BC - The TrackRelay For Life 2010 - Fernie BC - Marie at El GuapoRelay For Life 2010 - Fernie BC - Brina at El GuapoRelay For Life 2010 - Fernie BC - Just having a great time face painting with Keya WhiteRelay For Life 2010 - Fernie BC - Tai Chi DemonstrationRelay For Life 2010 - Fernie BC - Tai Chi Demonstration AudienceRelay For Life 2010 - Fernie BC - Tai Chi Demonstration

Qigong and Tai Chi in Fernie

Bridget showing us the Tai Chi SwordTai Chi Sword PracticeTai Chi Sword with Bridget in Fernie

Last night was the final class in our Qigong course through College of the Rockies. You might have seen a group of people moving really slowing and breathing deeply – but not too deeply or you’ll faint – in the Fernie Library park and giggled to yourself – yeah well, that’s us and we don’t even know you’re there. Ha! During the Relay for Life on June 5th, the Qigong and the Tai Chi group will be showing a demonstration of some mad and purposeful slow moving skills around 3:00 pm if you’re interested in watching and even taking part. Our teacher, Bridget, can easily lead you through all the movements and poses and it feels good to be there in that moment. It’s a great way to clear the mind, get some exercise and sort out your chi.

Tai Chi with a sword will possibly be demonstrated as well. We just got a taste of it on our last day for fun…and it was!

Upcoming Classes and Retreats around Town


Essential Yoga - Meditation and Breathing

Discover the therapeutic aspects of breathing and meditation. Learn how the heart and brain respond by de-stressing when we breathe correctly. Give yourself the ability to calm the mind. This half-day workshop will teach you the tools you need to relax,release tension and anxiety. Learn how meditation and careful attention to breath can keep you calm. Discover why staying present is so important. Get the tools you need to stay there. Learn to use the breath therapeutically. $35
Register at www.essentialyogastudio.com
or call 250.423.9672


Raw Fernie - Dance Workshop

Join us for 4 amazing days of raw food, dance and yoga from Friday, May 21 to Monday, May 24, 2010
With Nadia Hochberger, Mike Yaunish, Robyn Unrau, & Carrie Meyer

EARLY BIRD PRICING  $595.00+ taxes
AFTER APRIL 25th $695.00
+ taxes

To Register call
250 423 7433 or email sandra@rawfernie.com or robyn@rawfernie.com


Qigong at College Of The RockiesBalancing The Heart Qigong – Qigong may be considered as an energy-moving exercise for improving health, both physical and emotional. The study of Qi (vital energy) and practice of Qigong dates back to more than 1700 years as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Classes start April 13th to May 25th. Tuesdays 6:30 to 8:30 pm. $59 + GST
Register at College Of The Rockies
T: 250-423-4691
In Person: 342 3rd Ave Fernie
Email: fernie@cotr.bc.ca


Guitar Lessons in Fernie
The Magic Of The Guitar – Beginner Classes
with John deJong
Starting with understanding the instrument, learn how to tune a guitar, basic chords, strumming & learning to pick up a simple tune. BYOG.
April 30 to May 28th – Fridays 6 to 8:30 – $50
Register at College Of The Rockies
T: 250-423-4691
In Person: 342 3rd Ave Fernie
Email: fernie@cotr.bc.ca