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New To Fernie : Smokehouse

Smokehouse Fernie BC Restaurant

Smokehouse just opened June 1st and it will continue to do so 5pm to 10pm daily. Check out their website for their menu and here’s a little bit about them from their website:

“Established local chefs Keith Ilavsky and James McDonald are launching Fernie’s latest restaurant and a menu of mouth-watering new dishes. Located at the Red Tree Lodge, just off the highway, Smokehouse specialises in Cajun-inspired slow-cooked smoked dishes, there are options for carnivores and vegetarians alike.”


Here Is Some Sad News

Frida Restaurant Closing In Fernie


Get in there! Try their brisket taco before it’s too late!

Found On Twitter : Want To Start Your Own Restaurant?

From NonStop – New Year Action From Fernie

NonStop Fernie - New Year Blog
From NonStop Diary blog
: Here are a few words and photos from the first few days of our new year trips in Fernie, courtesy of Jay from our three week ski instructor course (apologies for it being a little late!)… Read the rest here.


On another note, did you know NonStop has a whole series of videos? Here’s one about their All Mountain Pro Course…

Fall Closures Have Commenced

Restaurants close for slow season
As far as I know, the following restaurants are closed for the season:

The Blue Toque (owner of the above sign) until the 13th
Red Tree Lodge (and changing management)
Island Lake Lodge,
Corner Pocket Brasserie
(until December 18th)
The Old Elevator
(until Nov 15th)
The Curry Bowl (until Nov 18th)
Loaf Bakery (briefly from Nov 22 to 24th)

There has to be more restaurants out there on this list! If you know of any, post the details here. Thanks!

Open restaurants

Mezzaluna with a new menu (but not open Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday), Picnic is serving fondue these days, as part of their newish menu, Cincott Cafe offers specials and daily menu for dinner, Boston Pizza, Stanford Inn, Max Restaurant.

Open but soon to close

Mugshots – Nov 14th to 23rd

Anything to add?

Karen Kay At The Arts Station

Karen Kay Art Gallery OpeningKaren Kay – The Painter

I find it really difficult to write about myself as most of my life I have been a loner. In my younger years I was very introverted and painfully shy and that’s when I started drawing, that’s when I discovered my natural talent. Unfortunately, I was also a chronic day dreamer and lived mostly in my head and disconnected with school and forming friendships with my peers. Of course, living alone as an adult I had to be resourceful and attentive and my day dreaming was cured in a hurry. Now that I am older I am living with my sister in Fernie. She supports all of my artistic endeavors and is ready to drive anywhere for photo ops and art supplies. One day I would like to paint her portrait.

I am originally from back east where I grew up in Scarborough, Ontario. I started drawing at an early age and took some formal art instruction but college was not to be. Except for a scattering of night school classes, I am basically self-taught. I used to paint watercolours, and they were successful, but the process was taxing and frustrating. It wasn’t until I started painting on really large canvas that I found a creative flow that took off. A lot of my work has a western theme but I am truly taken with dramatic landscapes and painting the human figure.

I am not a full time painter I still hold down a job, so even though I’ve been drawing and painting for most of my life, I can’t say I’m a professional. I am coming into my own as I develop a sense of where I am in regards to how I interpret color, image and lights and darks on a canvas. I cannot truly express how painting a successful image makes me feel, it’s indescribable and to say thrilling is just not enough. The reason I paint is because I feel compelled to.

Being single most of my adult life has allowed me to travel across Canada working different jobs for rent and other necessities. This has given me a great opportunity to photograph the Canadian landscape giving me an untold number of images to interpret on canvas. I have already taken many pictures of Fernie and the surrounding area, this is a painter’s paradise. Thanks to my sister Beverly I am able to live in fabulous Fernie where I have joined the Fernie Art Guild and, also, enjoy a great part time job at Fernie’s Red Tree Lodge.

Joyeuse Saint Valentin!

Valentine's Day in Fernie BC
Love is in the air
(all the time, isn’t it?) and especially on this upcoming Sunday, I predict, as a large group of people see this one day as a way to show their loved ones how much they appreciate and adore them, while the rest of the year is a write-off. ha! Well, take advantage of these scattered rose petal 24 hours and take your suitor out for a lovingly good time….and then do again the next day and the next day after that.

Around Elkford on February 13th:

Elkford Recreation Centre
Women’s Retreat at – 7 to 10 pm – Pre-Register and be pampered, sample products, dip in hot tub with a glass of wine.

Around Fernie on February 14th:

Lizard Creek
Brunch Buffet (ahm ahm) – from 10:30 – 2:00pm
Around The World Wine Taste – 5 course meal $70/person with an additional option of a wine pairing of $25/person – 5:30 – 9:00pm – Call 250/423-2057
Also, as a special, we will be offering a Chocolate Fondue for Two!!

Red Tree Lodge and Restaurant
Dinner (12th to 14th) – Five course meal, including chocolate covered strawberries $65 – Call 250/423-4622

The Old Elevator Restaurant
Valentine’s Special Dinner for two – Call 250/423-7115
Our Chefs prepared the most romantic meal for this very special occasion. It’s all about sharing platters! For $60 per person, you get to enjoy 4 courses.
1. Meat and Cheese Plate
House smoked cheddar and salmon, brie, pancetta, goat cheese and more!
2. Lemon and Poppy Seed Sorbet
3. Steak and Seafood Platter
8oz AAA Angus beef tenderloin topped with foie gras and stilton butter, snow crab legs, prawns, scallops, and mussels, served with a truffle infused potato mash
4. Pavlova
With fresh strawberries, shaved dark chocolate, and black berry coulis

Picnic Restaurant + Social
A three course dinner menu, as well as, the usual a la carte.  Choice of three apps, three entree’s and two desserts…and lots of love. Call 250/423-7666

The Sweet Toque
A night of chocolate indulgence. A buffet of modern and classic recipes. Call 250-423-4637

Sawai Thai
“Dinner For Two” Special – Call 250/423-8424

Cincott Market & Cafe

Word is, if you didn’t already book, you may need to call Cindey for an alternate time, before 6 and after 9. Their menu consists of the regulars and the fondue plus Kangaroo and Ostrich for variety.