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Explore BC : Part 1 : From Fernie To Surrey

explore bc - fernie to surrey roadtrip with the familyexplore bc - different weather systems

Our family decided to forgo any vacations involving planes as a form of transportation this year and, instead, go on a tour of British Columbia by car. Not all of BC, of course, but a few key spots where we have friends and other fun attractions for the kids to enjoy. The idea of traveling with two young children seemed like a bad idea but with low expectations, we hit the road.

We left Fernie at around noon on May 30th and tried to do a few hours without stopping right off the bat. It wasn’t hard to do since the weather got cool and wet at about Cranbrook and it hit us really hard. With clouds above us and a fairly open road ahead of us, we just kept on going. Because we are traveling with a 1 (almost 2) and a 3 year old, I thought I’d tell you what we did to keep the smiles on their faces, which was the most exhausting part of the whole trip.

In our “fun car bag” we brought toys from home, a couple cheap toy fans from Extra Foods cheap bin, some new toys, stickers and books. There was talk of a portable DVD player but that didn’t happen, although, I think it would have helped.

Our first stop was Christina Lake. By the time we got close to Christina Lake, ears were popping and we didn’t know how to teach a three year old how to fix her ears. How do you teach that?! It was time for a run around! Christina Lake has a huge, beautiful beach. We tried eating picnic style on the beach but the kids were way too busy with the water and sand, to eat anything. But the second we got back in the car, guess who was really hungry…FUN! PJs on and ready for a few more hours with sleeping children we got on the highway again and 10 minutes later we drove straight into a severe hail storm. Slow u-turn and a nerve wracking crawl back to Christina Lake, we checked into a motel but not without getting completely drenched. So much for getting ahead. It ended up being just fine. We got up the next day and carried on to Osoyoos.

explore bc - road trip - christina lake explore bc - road trip - hail storm - christina lake

Before we got to Osoyoos, we needed a strong cup of coffee. Let me tell you how little there is going across British Columbia. Very little. Imagine my surprise when we drove through Greenwood, a town that might still be living in 1955, and spotted a little place called Copper Eagle Cafe. I wanted to hug it.

explore bc road trip greenwood bc - copper eagle cafe

Osoyoos. What a great place to take the kids. I was tempted to stay in Osoyoos for two weeks but the rest of our trip to the coast sounded too good to give up on. Our kids are happy enough on a beach throwing rocks into the water, and we did do that, but we also found Rattlesnake Canyon, an amusement park that our kids were too small to really enjoy. We ended up doing the bumper boats and Roman cried almost the entire time. They loved just running around the park, which you can do for free, but we’ll try again in 5 years.

explore bc - road trip - driving into osoyoos explore bc - road trip - osoyoos bc beach explore bc - road trip - rattle snake canyon explore bc - mountains and roads - road trip

Back on the road with some not too excited children so the toy fans came out. They were great for a little while and then, of course, they turn into weapons. Children. Not fast enough, we got to Surrey and went directly to a park just off highway 1 so we could all stretch our legs and go for a walk. The park is called Tynehead Regional Park and if you had a dog, this would be a prime place to take your pet if you’re driving to Vancouver because they not only encourage dogs in the park but also have a large off-leash area. Plus, the whole park is beautiful, which I wasn’t expecting in Surrey. The kids loved walking across the highway on the pedestrian bridge and walking through the many trails in the forests and meadows. We stayed at a friend’s place that night in Surrey and then drove to the big city of Vancouver. That story comes next.

explore bc - road trip - surrey pedestrian bridge

Explore BC : Part 2 : Vancouver

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Road Trip : An Afternoon In Pincher Creek

road trip through crows nest pass to pincher creek

My friend Dana was visiting her family in Calgary and we decided to meet up half way (we did this last year as well) in Pincher Creek, Alberta. The drive to Pincher Creek through the Crowsnest Pass is so stunning with its hard wind blown trees (above) blue lakes, striking mountains that slowly turn into rolling hills.

Our time in Pincher Creek is always a good time. We know nothing about the town other than what we’ve seen an experienced in these two trips. Every time we walk into a new place we don’t know what to expect but it has all worked out so far. Our meeting spot is Harvest Coffeehouse and we Treat. Yo. Self. at Celestial Bakery, did many short walks around the local trails and then ended up at Cast Iron Grill for dinner(eastern side of the main street). Cast Iron Grill looked like it could have gone either way – awesome or terrible – but it was amazing! I highly recommend it. Plus, they serve Fernie Brewing Co.

pincher creek - celestial bakery - treat yo self pincher creek alberta - beautiful landscape colours pincher creek - cast iron grill - fernie brewing co

We Went To A Magical Place Called Kalispell, Montana

eureka - cafe jax - great family restaurant

I’m not even joking. Kalispell, Montana is a magical place where a man you talk to for 3 minutes ends up secretly paying for your whole family’s meal (at Cafe Jax in Eureka, actually); where our children are given a teddy bear for finishing their meals; where hotels offer complimentary dinner and breakfasts. Rod and I felt like something strange was happening but we went with it.

Thank you, to the man who was so generous to take on our whole lunch bill.
Thank you, to the United States of America for being so kind.
Thank you, Rod, for taking the family out of These Are The Rainy Days Of Our Lives Fernie.

eureka montana - cafe jax eureka montana shipping outlet kalispell - the family fun zone kalispell montana - holiday inn kalispell montana - hotel with toddlers free teddy bears road trip to kalispell

Radium Hot Springs

radium hot springs - family trip

We ended our weekend trip to Invermere, BC at Radium Hot Springs and it was a good idea. Everyone was already tired from the busy weekend and a little cranky but that ended the second we were all in the hot pool surrounded by rocky cliffs. It was beautiful. Although, I have to say, it was a sleepy drive home to Fernie.

swimming at radium hot springs swimming at radium hot springs - rock walls

Road Trip To Lethbridge

Rod’s parents flew out to Fernie a few weeks ago to meet their first and only granddaughter and to help out around the house. It was really nice to have them around even though we didn’t get to do too much with them due to a fiery little dragon…but in the end we drove them to Alberta for a 50th Anniversary of Roelie’s older brother and these are a few photos I took along the way. It was Phoenix’s first time in Alberta (she was stoked) and our first time as Executive Members at Costco (we are stoked.)

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripFrom Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripCarl and Roelie – Just livin

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripShe slept the whole way there and back! Mostly.

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripWe brought the amazing Pumpkin Loaf from Loaf Bakery to snack on. You gotta have road trip snacks.

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripI just liked this photo. That’s all.

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripWe were waiting for Rod’s parents to check-in to their hotel so I played around with the camera a bit. It’s not too often Rod and I are in the same photo. We must treasure this moment.

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripThis is what I did while the Anniversary “program” was taking place…because Phoenix was only content while laying on this table… so I took pictures of all the hilarious faces she was making.