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15 Brilliant Ways To Beat The Fernie Heat

Beat The Fernie Heat - Slow Cooker and other ideas

1. Splash Park at Fernie Aquatic Centre – The splash park is good but there is very little shade. I suggest using it as a quick stop rather than a picnic and hang out spot. Plus, it’s good for ages 0-137.

2. James White Park Elk River beach or anywhere along the river – The best part about the Elk River is that the water is cold and on a hot day that’s exactly the right temperature.

3. Float the Elk River – For similar reasons to #2, the river is cold and you want to be on it or in it. Get a boat, paddle and a cold beverage, or two, and everything will be alright.

4. Cold EatsHappy Cow (hwy 3), Sweet Shoppe (2nd Ave), Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (2nd Ave) all offer cold treats like ice cream or frozen yogurt or popsicles etc. That might be just what you need. I also recommend the smoothies whipped up at Mugshots or Lunch Box (both downtown).

5. Hot Drinks – Some people enjoy a hot drink on a hot day. Infinitea (downtown Fernie) has a thick book of drinks that you can sip on from tea to coffee to Crabbies Ginger Beer! Of course, there’s also Freshies, Mugshots, Loaf or Beanpod. I hear The Valley Social is going to be serving coffee at the market in West Fernie. West Fernie is becoming a bit of a food/drink truck hot spot!

6. My Basement or any other basement – Our basement is like entering Narnia before the kids defeated the White Witch. Spoiler alert? It’s important to note Fernie Heritage Library has a basement (it’s also important to note that the library is closed on Mondays.)

7. A big beautiful tree – Shade is your friend. Grab a blanket, something hot or cold (depends on what your weapon of choice is) and, hopefully, a good book. That’s what I would be doing…perhaps I’d be under one of those big trees in the Annex Park. Yes.

8. Slow Cooker Meals – The slow cooker is your friend on hot days. No one wants to sit in a hot kitchen with the oven and/or stove on in 35 degree weather. NOPE. Get that little thing cooking for you all day long and you get to go out and do any of the above or below instead. I’d also recommend ordering Elk Valley Pizza because that’s a pretty easy idea too or, as a friend recommended, some ribs from Back Country Meats.

9. Clothes Line – You turn that heat into your own free dryer and it will work faster than your dryer on a 35 degree day, too. Brina 1 vs Sun 0.

10. Close Those Blinds and Curtains – This is slightly too obvious but I don’t believe we’ll be opening our blinds or curtains until October and we’ll be better off for it.

11. As mentioned earlier today, Loon Lake – What a fantastic spot which offers plenty of #7. I would recommend just going for the morning since it’s only a 40 minute drive away and you’ll get out there before the hottest part of the day. You could also go to any of the other beaches around Lake Koocanusa but I wouldn’t go to Surveyors at Kikomun Creek Provincial Park without an umbrella or some sort of portable shelter. 3&93 is also on the way home…in case you forgot.

12. Drink water. Heat stroke and dehydration is serious business.

13. Catch a matinee at Vogue Theatre – Jurassic World and Inside Out is playing at our local theatre at 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Not a bad idea!

14. Grocery Shopping – I was grocery shopping with my two kids one day last summer on a particularly hot day and this man came up to me and said “I used to do that with my kids, too. It’s the coldest place in town and they can just run around.” So true!

15. Time For A Siesta – When it’s too hot for #1 through 14, you nap.

There you have it. I’m sure there are more things you can do in Fernie to help survive a heatwave. Do you do anything special to beat the heat?

Win Ice Cream For 1 Year!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - win Ice Cream for 1 year

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (581A 2nd Ave in Fernie BC – Open Daily) is promoting a chance that you (yeah, you) can win free ice cream for one year. I know a few peeps who would looooove to win that prize. They’re drawing the name on August 31st at 10 am SHARP – so head into the store to find out how you can get in on that. 16 flavours of ice cream and handmade waffle cones. Nice.

Relay For Life : Silent Auction, Street Meat and Candy

The community is playing with different and creative ways to raise money for Relay For Life. Here are some of the latest:

silent auction at EKCCU - my people we many
1. Silent Auction at Fernie East Kootenay Community Credit Union.
The above painting titled “my people we many” was donated by Eric Johnstone. Drop by the Fernie EKCCU to get a look and place your bid.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Suckers
2. Relay For Life Sucker at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is donating a portion of all sales of these amazing Relay For Life Suckers to Relay For Life.

Falkins Insurance Fernie 2nd Ave
3. Falkins Insurance Hot Dog Sale
On May 14th, enjoy some delicious street meat, starting at 11 am.
691 2 Avenue

East Kootenay Realty Insurance BBQ for Relay For Life
4. BBQ at East Kootenay Realty Insurance
Headquarters for Relay For Life – starting at 11 am you can stop by for a quick lunch.
512 – 2nd Avenue

Views of Fernie – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Cheesecake On A Stick Break

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Dwight Schenk