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Silver Springs Public Input

family trip to silver springs - swimming in cool waters

From Elk River Alliance’s Facebook Page:

“Have you been to Silver Springs? Do you frequent this area, or maybe you used to but don’t any more? If these questions make you think we’re talking to you, we probably are!

We are collecting public input on the subject of a backcountry toilet being installed at Silver Springs, and we want to hear what you have to say! Please follow this link and answer ten simple questions to help guide our stewardship efforts!”

Take the survey.

Our Morning At Silver Springs

climb up to Silver Springs - Elko, BC - explore BC

With Rod’s mom in town, we wanted to have max fun on our days off (weekends are mid week for us). Grandma has been to Silver Springs before but not for a few years so we thought we’d remind her how beautiful it is up there. The climb was fun for our almost 4 year old but the 2 year old had to be carried in and out of Silver Springs, which we expected. The short climb was worth it to see the beautiful water, have a refreshing dip and the kids loved watching their dad jump off the big cliffs.

• Bring some sort of bug repellent. The mosquitoes are horrendous.
• Wear river/water shoes. There are no beaches, just rocks.
• Perhaps, if you need to have a bevvy, bring cans. I can’t believe how much broken glass was all over the ground…everywhere.

jumping cliffs at silver springs in elko bc swimming the lake at silver springs - blue and green water family trip to silver springs - swimming in cool waters

Silver Springs For A Skate

Silver Springs Elko BC
We took a trip up to Silver Springs in the fall and this weekend we decided to head back with our snowshoes and skates; both were very much necessary. The walk up the river trail is very slippery and our modern day snowshoes gripped well onto the ice; without snowshoes, as Leroy experienced, you slide down more than you climb. There’s a new silly invention – snowshoes for dogs!

The skating at Silver Springs is unreal. There is nothing but open ice to skate on. There were a few tricky parts because a few people went up there when it wasn’t solid and created pockets that make it really bumpy in spots…but it’s worth grabbing a bunch of friends, skates and hockey sticks for a good outdoor ice hockey game. Rod was ready for it but he was the only one. Sorry, Rod.

Exploring Silver Springs

Silver Springs in Elko BC
Sunday seemed like the perfect day to go on an adventure so we all (Rod, Dwight, Leroy and I) went to Silver Springs for the afternoon. It was an time to explore early winter colours, textures and shapes. I couldn’t believe all the bright colour still present at the end of November but there was and it was beautiful. I had a hard time putting my camera down.