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So Disappointed In You, Snow

We’re at that time of year now when we get a bit of sunshine, warmth,  and we even take a layer off. It’s starting to feel like spring! Then it snows and we (I) get a bit disappointed. It happens every year, repeatedly, until it stops snowing, because we’re so excited about those sunny spring days…we forget we’re still in winter.

Today’s mantra, It’s still winter. It’s still winter. It’s still winter.

snow nature trees mountain

I Knew It Was Too Good To Last

Fernie BC - Winter's back for Easter Weekend

I haven’t seen this much snow dump on Fernie in months. I wasn’t complaining but I was expecting snow to return and what good timing – Easter weekend and end of season parties are about to begin.

Have You Ever Kicked A Snowy Tree?

river road extension in fernie bc river road extension in fernie bc kicking a snowy tree for the kids kicking a snowy tree

I had never seen someone kick a snowy tree before I met Rod, I’d just never thought about it, and I greatly enjoyed the result but now it was the children’s turn to discover the fun. We went out on River Road again (just off of Coal Creek Rd) and found a few good trees (we didn’t go out just to kick some trees. we were GTing down a road again.) and listened to the giggles. It was a good time. I highly recommend a good tree kick.


And Before I had A Chance To Post This Picturesque Snowfall It Begins To Rain Again

beautiful snow fall in fernie - and then it rained

And He Didn’t Get Stuck In All That Snow!

big snow dump january 2012 fernie bc - frito lay truck
I thought for sure Rod’s truck would get stuck there but, Rod being the skilled snow man that he is, didn’t sweat it for a second. There’s a lot of snow here now. We went from 4 degrees and hardly any snow to -25 and snow up to our knees in about 24 hours. It’s so fluffy and a breeze to shovel but once it warms up a bit, that snow is going to be hard and heavy. Thank goodness our plow truck is out of the auto shop. That’s our update.