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David P Smith At The Arts Station

David P Smith in concert in Fernie BC at The Arts Station

“David P. Smith in Concert

November 17th, 8pm

Victoria, BC songwriter David P. Smith has been writing, performing, and recording since 1995. He is essentially a storyteller, his narratives visceral, sometimes hilarious, peering into darkness, stumbling into surreality, lurching back into the everyday, and occupying that honest spot where good C&W dwells.  Musically and sonically he draws on everything from the raw emotion of hard-core country and rhythm and blues, to noise, to folk, to the forms dictated or suggested or discovered on the accordion or piano.” Get your tickets here: Eventbrite

Have a listen:


April 5-20 Word Fest – The Central – Tonight!

5-20 Word Fest at The Central

5-20 WordFest This November 20th – After Art On Fire Lantern Festival

5-20 WordFest in Fernie at Grand Central

5-20 Word Fest On September 20th!

word fest in fernie at the central

5-20 Word Fest At Grand Central Tonight

Grand Central Fernie Word Festival

The 1st annual (or possibly monthly, if all goes well) celebration of the spoken and musical word. Some 15 local poets, short story writers and musicians will share their work. and open mic between sets and after. The first set starts at 9ish (fernie time) at Grand Central.