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Am I Going Crazy?

brina schenk - sketch book

Do you ever think you’re just days away from being strapped in a…gosh, I can’t even think of the word…that white suit that straps you down so you don’t hurt yourself. Straitjacket! That’s the word. See?

There is this story that I hear every few months and every time I hear it I’m blown away, like I’ve never heard that story before. I’ve heard it three times now!! Every time my reaction is the same. “NO WAY! Does Rob and Marie know??”

And just moments later, sometimes more, I remember the exact time I heard that story before. Some people must think I’m just crazy.

Being in my 40s is serious business. My memory is becoming quite selective and slow.


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The Traveller By Brina Schenk (PG. 16-20)

(PG. 1-5) (PG. 6-10) (PG. 11-15)


I’d like to thank a few people:

Sandra Boer, who encourages me and, also, writes grants to allow me to continue making these fun projects.
Marie-Kristine Landry….or is it Stevenson, who edited my story for me just days before I had to put it up at Wapiti Music Festival.
Rodney Brink, for taking the kids for numerous bike rides, aerial park trips and generally allowed me the time to get the work done.
Janelle Park, for always asking to see my progress and giving me wonderful feedback.
Phil McLachlan, at The Free Press, for writing a sweet, little article on my story.

The Traveller By Brina Schenk (PG. 11-15)

(PG. 1-5) (PG. 6-10)

The Traveller by Brina Schenk - Storytelling, Dreaming, Life Paththetraveller_digital12thetraveller_digital13thetraveller_digital14thetraveller_digital15

To be continued…

The Traveller By Brina Schenk (PG. 6-10)

(PG. 1-5)

The Traveller by Brina Schenk - Storytelling, Dreaming, Conscience, Doubt,thetraveller_digital7thetraveller_digital8thetraveller_digital9thetraveller_digital10

To be continued