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From Essential Yoga – Weekend Retreat In February

DATE: February 25-27th, 2011

AIM: This workshop will help you to create a stronger yoga practice physically and off the mat as well.  Feed your intellect and strengthen the body in a place that is dedicated to your personal evolution.

TEACHERS: Senior Teacher Francesca ter Poorten and Guest Teachers Shivani Howe and Susette O’Byrne

7-9:30pm Greeting, Asana Practice…How to Connect your Asana Practice with creating joy in your life.  Francesca ter Poorten

7am-9am AsanaPractice/Meditation on Joy and the Health of the Body. Francesca ter Poorten
10am-1pm Restorative Practice and Letting go with Suzette O’Byrne
2pm-3:30pm Guided Silent Hike
5pm-7pm  Living Yoga, take the power of yoga off your mat.  Shivani Howe/ Meditation Francesca ter Poorten
8pm-9:30pm  Asana practice, Discussion/ Meditation on Attachment & Delusions Francesca ter Poorten

7am-8am  Asana practice
9am-11am Mantra: The Path to Healing, Light & Peace

LOCATION: King Fir Lodge
MORE: You can sign up for segments of the workshop if the whole weekend is not possible.  Please see our website for more information.

Cost: $295 or $245 if you book before January 31st