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Last Day To Swim In Fernie Until July 4th

did you know - city of fernie news
(from city of fernie’s website)

Annual Pool Closure Starts May 6, 2017 (All Day)

This year’s annual maintenance shutdown for the Aquatic Centre runs from May 6- July 4th, 2017. We apologize for any inconvenience during this disruption of services.

The Aquatic Centre office will be open for summer swim lesson registration June 27, 2017 to June 30, 2017 from 8:00am – 2:00 pm. Weekly summer swim lessons will begin on July 10, 2017.

For further information call 250-423-4466.

Did You know : March Break Leisure Services Schedule

did you know - city of fernie news

From City of Fernie’s website:

“It’s Spring Break!! Leisure Services has activities to keep everyone busy! Check out the Spring Break Schedules for the Aquatic Centre and the Fernie Arena to find out what’s on offer.”

Did You Know… Tomorrow Is Banana Split Day

did you know - city of fernie news

From City of Fernie’s website:

“Everyone loves a good Banana Split!  Join us at the Fernie Aquatic Centre, 250 Pine Avenue on August 15, 2015 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm for Banana Split Day!  Have a great time playing in the pool (maybe the croc will be lurking about!) then enjoy a refreshing Banana Split.”

Our Morning At Silver Springs

climb up to Silver Springs - Elko, BC - explore BC

With Rod’s mom in town, we wanted to have max fun on our days off (weekends are mid week for us). Grandma has been to Silver Springs before but not for a few years so we thought we’d remind her how beautiful it is up there. The climb was fun for our almost 4 year old but the 2 year old had to be carried in and out of Silver Springs, which we expected. The short climb was worth it to see the beautiful water, have a refreshing dip and the kids loved watching their dad jump off the big cliffs.

• Bring some sort of bug repellent. The mosquitoes are horrendous.
• Wear river/water shoes. There are no beaches, just rocks.
• Perhaps, if you need to have a bevvy, bring cans. I can’t believe how much broken glass was all over the ground…everywhere.

jumping cliffs at silver springs in elko bc swimming the lake at silver springs - blue and green water family trip to silver springs - swimming in cool waters

Did You Know…The Pool Is Open

did you know - city of fernie news

From the City of Fernie website:

“Residents are advised that following the Annual Maintenance Shutdown the Aquatic Centre reopens on July 1, 2015.  Lesson sets for summer swimming lessons start on July 6, 2015 and Adventure Summer Camps run July 6, 2015 to August 21, 2015.  Register early!”

Views Of Fernie : Maiden Lake Is Beautiful

maiden lake wild flowers - fernie bc

If you don’t look south, Maiden Lake is a beautiful place. I’ve been joining a few morning at this spot, before the sun comes out and melts us. The wild flowers are gorgeous right now which may be the reason everyone seems so happy and friendly down there.

maiden lake fernie bc - mountains and canadian geese maiden lake fernie, bc - purple wild flowers maiden lake fernie, bc - swimmer fernie bc, maiden lake - flowers and mountains : beautiful

Fernie Mom : The Puddle Jumper

swimming with toddlers - puddle jumper

Have you ever struggled with something, whether it’s an activity or point of view or a habit, and then someone comes along and says six little words like “Have you tried a Puddle Jumper?” And from that moment on your life will never be the same.

I was expressing my stress and struggle with my two kids at the pool when a friend of mine said those exact words to me and since that moment we have purchased not one but two Puddle Jumpers. Both of our kids thrive with this amazing flotation device in the water. They’re more confident, they can move around on their own and they’re happier. If you have kids who aren’t at the age where they can safely swim on their own or if you have two young active children and you’re finding it difficult to watch both of them on your own, maybe this is your life changing moment. Have you tried a Puddle Jumper?

We bought ours at Canadian Tire in Fernie. If they don’t have them out on the shelves you just need to ask someone about them and they’ll go in the back and grab them.

I would, however, like to talk to a swim coach to see what they think about Puddle Jumpers. Maybe next time I’m at the Fernie Aquatic Centre I’ll try and talk to someone about it.