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The Arts Station’s Variable Hours


Fernie On Instagram : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Brush With Death – Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery by Tunnel Theatre at The Arts Station

Hosted by Tunnel Theatre, join us for an evening of mystery and intrigue. When an art show throws up an array of suspects, we need your help to find the culprit…

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres generously donated by the Blue Toque.

Proceeds from the evening will contribute to our Arts Station Accessibility fund.

Saturday 7th April, 7pm @ the Arts Station
DRESS CODE: Famous/eccentric artist or art show VIP
Tickets: $45 including a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres


Blue Toque Take Over

I think I worded that wrong. I’m not taking over The Blue Toque but my illustrations are going to be looking over your shoulder as you eat your awesome breakfast/lunch at The Blue Toque! Get in there and buy one, if you want to continue the over-the-shoulder creeping from home. And you might! They are all originals and all signed by me.

Views Of Fernie : Intimate Moments, News, Dr Seuss & Belly Laughs

Fernie BC - Drawing Club - emotions in clay 15_fernie_big_news Fernie BC - Intimate Insect Moments in Gardens Engrossed in Dr Seuss after The Blue Toque brunch

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Fernie Restaurants : What’s Changing This Spring

island lake lodge fernie - dining
(photo from Saving Knots – “date night“)

Every restaurant in Fernie does off season their own way – some take vacations, some cut hours, others keep going like it’s 1999. These are the restaurants I’ve noted making changes:

1. The Blue Toque Diner will be closed from April 13 until April 30. They will be back with a new menu and patio ready on May 1 at 9 am. Just a short one!

2. Rusty Edge is closed but will be back in May/June with a fresh new patio menu. See you in May/June, Rusty Edge

3. The Livery Restaurant is still open but closed on Sunday evenings starting April 19th. We will still be open for Sunday brunch, and our pasta night will be Tuesdays.

4. Island Lake Lodge will be open again June 12th.

The Morning Winter Returned

winter returned - snow covered house and trees - fernie bc

Waking up to snow on the ground was a bit of a shock. With a forecast of temperatures ranging from -4 to 13 degrees, I doubt we’ll be enjoying the beautiful sight for long. We began our morning with a quick trip to Knox United Church only to find out Parent Tot Fun Times wasn’t running today. I should have known but I was hoping that some programs were still running during March Break. Instead of heading home I took my kids out for brunch at The Blue Toque. I love that place. Tanya came out with some fruit for my kids (without ordering it) and was just being awesome with suggestions for me and accommodating for the kids. I found a few Dr Seuss books for the kids to read while we waited, which really helped. An unexpected pleasant experience! Bonus, from my table I could look out the entryway and see some of Nick George’s wood sculptures (not an easy thing to keep my kids from touching.)

Because I would like to introduce some workshops to Phoenix in the near future (pottery or a messy art class) I took the kids on a tour of some of the studios at The Arts Station. We saw the beautiful pieces the weavers were working on and the pottery studio in the basement. I’m hoping by exposing these things to her she will feel more comfortable with them. Crossing my fingers.

winter returned - brunch at blue toque with the kids winter returned - views of the gallery - fernie bc winter returned - weaver guild - fernie bc