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Fernival 2019 Schedule

Fernival Fernie Alpine Resort end of 2019 season party


Fernival Announcement – Five Alarm Funk

It’s the moment I forget I’m waiting for every year. The announcement of who’s playing Fernival! Last year was Sloan and I missed it. What a sad day that was. This year, it’s Five Alarm Funk, a band I’ve heard so much about and have still never seen, even though they play in Fernie quite frequently. Maybe, this is my year.

From FAR’s website, the whole weekend schedule:

Fernival Weekend Schedule: (subject to change)

Saturday, April 13th:
11am: Raging Elk Powder, Pedal, Paddle Relay Race @ Resort/Town
2pm-3pm: Live Music – The Runs  @ Plaza Main Stage
3:30pm – 5pm: Live Music – BCDC  @ Plaza Main Stage
5pm: Raging Elk PPP Awards @ Plaza Main Stage

Sunday, April 14th:
1pm – 3pm: Slope Soaker Slush Cup @ In Resort
3pm – 4:30pm: Live Music – Five Alarm Funk @ Plaza Main Stage




Call The Babysitter! Fernie Stoke Fest

Fernie Stoke Fest 2018 - Shred Kelly The Runs, Devarrow, Circus Acts Insomniacs


Wasted Youth The Sequel At The Northern, Plus, The Runs

Wasted Youth Movie, The Runs at The Northern

Easter Weekend In Fernie

The Runs

It’s always nice to see The Runs and this time our little kids got to feel to power of Fernie’s Number 2 band.

The Runs at Fernie Alpine Resort

Art Shows

Not one but two art shows to attend on Saturday night. I went out alone but I saw so many friendly faces I didn’t feel like I was alone for one second. My first stop was Aileen and Kari’s art show. It was a great show with a top notch bartender that made it even better. Great art. Great people. Then I tagged along with some friends to Laura Nelson’s night at Fernie Museum and saw some of her new landscape work. If Fernie loves anything it’s mountains and trees and I get it because they’re both so beautiful.

Easter weekend - art shows - Laura Nelson

Easter Egg Making & Hunting

We are finally at the age where I can take my 3 year old through a craft from start to finish and she’ll stay interested. It took quite a few steps to get our Easter eggs ready. We food dyed the eggs first, painted them and then we hunted them. I’ve never decorated eggs before, especially using a food dye, but it ended up looking amazing. The hardest part was the waiting between stages and the egg hunt. The best thing I could have done was put the eggs in plain sight, although I thought I did, because they couldn’t find them at all. I had to give hint after hint and then I ended up pointing right to them.

Easter Weekend In Fernie - Dying and painting eggs Easter Weekend In Fernie - hiding the easter eggs Easter Weekend In Fernie - egg hunt with the kids

The Livery Brunch

We FINALLY made it out to The Livery for the Sunday Brunch and ended up paying $6 for two cups of coffee we didn’t even get to drink because our kids were out of control and they didn’t have a high chair for our 1 year old who needs to be contained. It was beyond frustrating but we will be back! Next time with no children.

Q&A : What bands are from and playing in Fernie?

Bands In Fernie BCI’ve received a few questions by email or phone about Fernie and event planning in Fernie and I figure I might as well share the information with everyone. That’s only fair. Today’s topic is a good one because there’s nothing like live music at a fund-raising event or wedding to get everyone off their chairs.

Now, I know there is going to be information missing, as new bands seem to be sprouting up frequently these days…so in no logical order…

Shred Kelly – foot stoppin’ good times band – a 6 piece band that plays original music that is so catchy you’ll be humming a tune for days. Recently, they announced a show in Vancouver during the Olympics on the free concert stage in Yaletown. That’s exciting stuff.

The Arcade Files – indie pop band – 3 musicians, that happen to be pretty ladies, play originals and covers to a crowd that just wants to dance. There’s a rumour going around that they’re recording an album right now.

Bubba Tres – how can you define this band? I haven’t seen them play but I bet it’s very entertaining. Their stuff almost reminds me of a quirky musical.

The Runs – punk rock band – a 4 piece band that knows how to get the crowd wild…and sweeping the floor – which most venues should appreciate. They recently recorded a video…a music video or a music docu video? I’m not sure. I can’t wait to see it, either way.

Ben Hur – indie rock band – high energy band that are sure to make an impact on the Fernie music scene.

Winter’s Son (used to be Forty Winters) – a new hard rock band – 4 piece band who play originals and a few covers which induce slightly uncontrollable dead banging with your eyes closed. It just happens without you knowing.

Bright West – barely known brother and sisters combo – I just had to put this in here. My brother and I started a little fun musical project. It’ll make you cry if you’re not prepared for it.

Requiem Of Innocence – local Metal Band

We Don’t Just Exist – hardcore punk band – and they’re recording

From Scratch – funk/blues/experimental/improv who knows. They sure don’t know how to label themselves but they know how to jam.

To find out where these bands might be playing in the next few months in Fernie, check out the events and shows page (located at the top of the page) but you can click here for now. If your band isn’t on here, let me know and I’ll add it. Easy.