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Music Break : The Weather Station

The Weather Station released their latest album last year. This is my first listen. Enjoy with me!


A Break From Fernie – Everyone Needs It Once In A While

Rod, Phoenix and I took off to Ontario for a little over a week to introduce our little one to our families and we had a fabulous time. We also enjoyed getting out of the GTA to spend quality time with the Brink family at a cottage. I was reminded once again how beautiful Ontario is with it’s beautiful lakes and landscapes. We were also reminded of 401 traffic and hot and humid summer days – no thanks.

Here are a few favorite photos from our travels.

Don't miss driving on Highway 401Taking phoenix to the park - Rod had a good time on the swingSchenk Family Children - Adia, Brody, Max, PhoenixDriving up to cottage country - Haliburton areaBear Aware OntarioRod and his Brother StevePhoenix's turn on the swingBrink Cousins at the cottagePhoenix experiencing the cold lake water temperatureToronto for a birthday party - Ellie, Bowie, MikeTrip Home - This says it all.
Our flight home was extended about 5 hours due to weather conditions in Calgary (we found ourselves in Kelowna with very little baby food and a few hours of uncertainty of how we’d get home) but we made it home in one piece and with very little fussiness so I can’t really complain. Phoenix was a star on every flight we took. She was smiling at everyone and everyone smiled right back. HUGE success!

One little note though – our success in flying with Phoenix was playing the distraction game. I’m not sure what we would have done without Cheerios.

My Temporary Residency In Fernie Is Coming To An End

By Aerin Guy

Thats Nothing - Life In Fernie Comes To An End
My Temporary Residency in Fernie is coming to an end, much sooner than expected and with a mixed bag of emotions. In greedy pursuit of the opportunity to make a real difference in education technology, I’m lugging my family back from whence we came.  They’re not very happy with me.

The hubster has lovingly fostered some lovely facial hair and a wardrobe of waffle-esque long johns, ski pants, and woolly socks, and he is feeling much like a burrowing animal who’s been plucked from a cozy hibernating spot and thrust into the cold glare of daylight.

My daughter, who turned corners we never dreamed of in her quest to master skiing this year finally gets why we grimace when we say “Blue Mountain”.

And my extended family are peeved that their crash-pad is disappearing.

6 months in this wonderful place has had profound effects on me. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Fresh air every day makes me feel alive, healthy, and energized. I had to sleep for almost 2 weeks upon arrival last October, because the Toronto city smog had to eke it’s dirty way out of my system. It was kind of like Celebrity Rehab, but without Dr. Drew.

2. Something happened to my feet. I’ve only worn Sorels or ski boots for the last six months. During a recent business trip, I was forced to contend with some fierce crimson high heels and walk on blocks of harsh urban pavement with them. I suffered from seven days of shin splints, the likes of which I haven’t endured since running shuttles at volleyball practice in high school (as a punishment for shaving someone’s eyebrow off when they were sleeping. HAHAHAHA.)

3. I’m the Mayor of nearly every place in Fernie on FourSquare. And I look forward to losing these mayorships as local biz picks up on the stickiness of location based marketing tools.  Check in, people!

4. There’s never nothing to do here. As often as we turtle on our couch in apres heaven, nary a night or weekend goes by without something going on.  Whether it’s a film fest, an art opening, a knees-up, a hockey game, a jam session…..one cannot be bored here. Cheese is bloody expensive, but so be it.

5. Kiwi cab drivers. ‘Nuff said.

6. Hot tubs. I need one. I haven’t seen the film, but I had so many great conversations in hot tubs this winter. I’ve sneaked into a few, which made me feel youthful and rebellious.  I’ve had every story in my arsenal topped by local expert story toppers. “That’s NOTHING!……” is gonna be the pet project of the century, with so much great Fernie fodder.

There are plenty more Fernie virtues to extoll, and I will certainly do so in the company of my Toronto friends. Soon enough they’ll be totally sick of it, and implore me to return here. And I just might.

The UnLure of the Open Road

Fernie Feeling - Aerin Guy
On Sunday, I am leaving Fernie.

For the day.

I arrived on October 15, and aside from a whirlwind Christmas in Saskatoon, I have not been compelled to leave the town. In fact, it’s been exactly the opposite. I’ve been compelled to not leave the town.

Well, once I went to Hosmer, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But it felt like a long way.

I’ve heard people chatter about going places. Whitefish. Calgary. Cranbrook. I’m curious for about 48 seconds, but the Fernie feeling comes over me and I retreat back to my happy place.  As a movie geek, I thought that I’d suffer from the lack of a multi-plex (I don’t rip movies. How on earth would I explain that to James Franco when we finally have our first date?).  Netflix solved that for me. And Midge’s is yet to be mined for film fodder. I also thought I’d miss street food, particularly coming from Toronto’s Greektown neighbourhood. But somehow I’ve stalled my spanakopita addiction and have found delicious local sources of nom.

That’s not entirely true. I’m dying for spanakopita. Hook a sista up?

This growing Fernie coziness and content is a strange sensation for me, having spent the last 10 years moving, and removing, and relocating, and uprooting, and vagabonding. I thought I might experience certain withdrawals, especially having come direct from Toronto’s hyper-present shopping, meeting, and event opportunities. I can say that I can’t remember what a cosmetics department looks like. Do they still have those? Do the ladies still look like they’re made of Das?

In the odd, random occasion when I do feel a twinge of longing for the metropolis, I simply go wander around in the fluorescent light of 7-11 and smell the corndogs. For a moment, it takes me back to the bustling, pushing, shoving, wheezing joy of rush hour in the subway. (Everyone smells like a corndog in the subway.)  And then the inner me recoils in horror and reconnects with my newly ever-present Sorels (good thing I saved them from 1988) and I rush out the door, screaming…..screaming….screaming in a leather jacket…

So Sunday. We’re heading to Kimberley for a whole day. It’s going to feel strange cruising out of town, and I look forward to the Fernie feeling on the way back.  Ahh….the open road.

– Aerin Guy

Music Break – Maylee Todd

Maylee Todd Tours Western Canada
Touring the west side of this country is the always changing Maylee Todd. The next time you see her she might be dressed up as a raccoon…or she may be a space alien….or a raccoon space alien! Maylee released her debut album this year and it’s been a successful launch into space. Enjoy your Music Break with Toronto’s Maylee Todd – Myspace/MayleeTodd

And her recent video for Aerobics In Space

Maylee Todd and my brother Dwight used to do these nights in Toronto called Sweatshop Hop with Maylee and Slippers…

Music Break – Evening Hymns

evening hymns from Toronto OntarioEvening Hymns - Band

Jonas Bonnetta, from Toronto, is the man behind today’s Music Break with Evening Hymns. His loose, imperfect recordings are just the style I enjoy and he does it very well. He’s like a mix between Hayden and Arcade Fire…but not really. I just pulled that out of my a**. Myspace/EveningHymns

A video for Port Hope

Music Break – Faye Blais

Faye Blaise Singer Songwriterfaye blais singer songwriter from Toronto Ontario

Faye Blais, an indie/folk singer-songwriter from Toronto, will be singing at the Blackbird Coffee House in Coleman on September 11th, 2010. I’m going to try and make it to this particular evening of dining and music to see what all the hype is about. Fingers Crossed. Enjoy today’s Music Break – Myspace/FayeBlais

And a video to watch “Something’s Changed”