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Fernie’s SNiP & Bake Sale

SNiP bake and books sale in Fernie BC

“This Book and Bake Sale supports The Elk Valley Spay and Neuter Incentive Program. This program offers spay and neuter for cats from Elkford to Elko. The program offers low income options as well as free options for feral or homeless cats to help reduce the cat population in the Elk Valley. Come and down, buy some books and treats! All proceeds raised go directly to the SNIP Program. To donate baking, volunteer or drop off books please email spayneuterferniepets@gmail.com.”

Saturday at 10 AM – 2 PM at The Arts Station’s theatre room.

SNiP Fundraiser Looking For Bake & Book Donations

Bake & Book Sale - Fundraiser for SNiP program.

The Fernie Pets Society will be hosting a fundraiser on May 9th for SNiP (a program that funds the spaying and neutering of feral cats and subsidizes the cost of fixing domestic ones) where they will be selling baked treats and used books at The Arts Station. If you think you would like to donate some of your special treats or pre-loved books please contact their food coordinator Tanya Carre at carreyee@gmail.com or if you have books, you can drop them off at Barkside Pets between April 26th and May 8th.

From Fernie Pet’s Facebook page: “Thanks to your generous donations we have been able to fix 160 cats and kittens since beginning the SNiP program in 2013 and are still going strong! Most of these cats have been homeless, this means we have prevented hundreds of unwanted homeless kittens. We have also been able to adopt out 8 homeless cats this year! Jenny, Spicy Meat Ball, Van, Leo, Runty, Mr Stanford Tabbington, Dusty, and Tiny Tina Turner are loving life in their forever homes thanks to our amazing foster parents and Barkside Pets. We could not have accomplished this without your generous support! Thank you!

Please spay and neuter your pets and encourage your friends to do the same. If you have a cat that needs to be fixed please visit www.ferniepets.org for an application.”

The sale is just before Mother’s Day so it might be a good idea to swing by and satisfy someone’s sweet tooth. It being Mother’s Day and my birthday this year, I’m hoping for many sweet treats…and I do enjoy a good book.

Heaven Stitch and Design – Shelves Of Used Books

heaven stitch and design - used books

I believe the name should be changed to Heaven Stitch, Design and Read. When you enter their adorable shop, you’ll be greeted with the delectable scent of old books and lots of them.

Books Anew Is No More

I recently heard the used book store Books Anew, in the Annex, is closed. So sad but definitely a hard business to keep alive with the Fernie Book Exchange and Fernie Heritage Library in full force. The Fernie Book Exchange seems to have grown too. Every time I go into any of the local cafes, their book shelf seems to be growing. The closing of Books Anew might have something to do with that. Hun!