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BC Was Awesome – Season 2 – The Cursed Town

Well, that’s interesting!


Found On Instagram : Capybara Olympic Dive Wins Gold

The Dancing Phoenix

I couldn’t help myself! I just had to make this video of Phoenix when she was super young and she couldn’t control her limbs. Every time she did those moves I thought she was dancing. Ahhh this video still makes me laugh.

A true Brina project – I started this when she was 2 or 3 months old and I just finished it now. As you can tell it’s fully just thrown together with no proper editing skills but I’m sure Dwight will forgive me.

I chose the song Beat and the Pulse by Austra because she loves it. It puts her to sleep in seconds. It’s a magical little ditty.

Pint-Sized Film “Starting Fresh”

I love spring. I could stare at this little waterfall for hours. Yeah Fresh Starts!

Trashy But Flashy Fashion Show Video

Brought to you by Fernie TV

Pint-Sized Film “The Amazing Bike Trick”

It’s the first jump of the season. It. Was. Huge. We’ll slow it down for you….

Music by Dwight Schenk.

Pint-Sized Film “I Want That T-Shirt”

Zombies feed off of Fernie Alpine Resort’s T-Shirts. The music, video – everything – couldn’t have worked out any better. I love it.