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Music Break : Million Dollar Loan

I’m trying to get out of the house and my kids just mess around and mess around. I gave up. I threw my mittens on the floor, flung my toque away and put my coat on the ground and then walked downstairs…not calmly. Now I’m writing this post, so you have my kids to thank for this one! Perhaps Million Dollar Loan can calm me down, although I think, if only the kids will get ready, a walk in the woods would be a very good idea right now.


Annex Suspended’s March Mobiles

Michelle and I just released our latest mobile designs. Check them out! www.annexsuspended.com

Watch them move to the sounds of Dwight Schenk.

Broken Social Scene’s Sweetest Kill

I love this song.

Music Break : Mr Gnome

Just a little music to get your day going. Mr. Gnome’s House of Circles.

and if you’re interested in a live performance,

BC Was Awesome – Season 2 – The Cursed Town

Well, that’s interesting!

Found On Instagram : Capybara Olympic Dive Wins Gold

The Dancing Phoenix

I couldn’t help myself! I just had to make this video of Phoenix when she was super young and she couldn’t control her limbs. Every time she did those moves I thought she was dancing. Ahhh this video still makes me laugh.

A true Brina project – I started this when she was 2 or 3 months old and I just finished it now. As you can tell it’s fully just thrown together with no proper editing skills but I’m sure Dwight will forgive me.

I chose the song Beat and the Pulse by Austra because she loves it. It puts her to sleep in seconds. It’s a magical little ditty.