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Volunteers Needed At Griz Days


Looking for a cool way to contribute to local waste reduction?

Wildsight Elk Valley is currently seeking 6 volunteers to help with waste reduction at the Griz Days Refreshment Gardens on Saturday, March 3!

Shifts are short! From 5pm-7pm, 7pm-9pm, and 9pm-11pm and we are looking for 2 volunteers per shift. Win-win all around! Be in the heart of Griz Days events AND do some eco goodness!

To volunteer or for more info contact Sharon at sharon.kelly@shaw.ca.

Girl Guide Crisis

Girl Guides of Canada - Fernie, BC - Need Leaders

Found on Facebook:

Girl Guides in Fernie is in trouble. Both Guides and Pathfinders have closed for registration because there are NO leaders available. None. I have taken on a new role and will not be leading guides or pathfinders.
Fear not 12 years and up, I can be your Trex leader. However, Guides has to happen! There’s no rule that says there can only be two (but there must be at least two). Maybe 6 of you could take it on and spread out there work. I’m very sad for the girls excited to come back as we cannot even register them until leaders are committed. It can be a lot of fun! I’m even taking a group of girls to England in two years! Fun! I would be happy to support anyone who wants to step up to this position. I’d hate to see it gone.
You do not need to be a parent either. Some of the very best leaders have no children.
Please let me know if you can help, I’ll get you pointed in the right direction.”

Fernie Lantern Festival – Into The Woods – A Search For Volunteers


The Fernie Lantern Festival is an event I look forward to. I’ve been on the committee from the beginning and I hope to stay on for as long as they’ll have me.

It’s a wonderful evening but a lot of people, time and creative energy goes into making it happen. That’s my segue into:

If you’re interested in being part of the lantern team, either offering your talents (which can be anything from construction, to electrical, to smaller odds and ends that need to be done) we would love to hear from you!

email brinaschenk at gmail for more details

Don’t forget, the first community build is tonight. It’s a place to go to find materials that you can use to make your own lantern. Make one in one evening or take your time over multiple nights. We have a few community builds planned. Here is the list:

Thursday, October 20th 6-9pm (meet upstairs)
Monday, October 24th, 6-9 (meet in theatre from this night on)
Wednesday, October 26th, 6-9
Wednesday, November 9th, 6-9
Friday, November 11th, 6-9
Sunday, November 13th, 11-6
Monday, November 14th, 6-9

Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life Is Coming To Elk Valley!

From Betty-Ann:
Relay for life is a family event that;  Celebrates cancer survivors, Remembers those lost to cancer and gives us all an opportunity to  Fight Back against cancer!
It’s a day of  fun- fellowship-entertainment- fundraising.

Please join us to brainstorm and begin plans for Relay:
Thursday, December 8th
Fernie Library
Coffee provided
Everyone is welcome- even if you feel unable to volunteer for the event- we value your input/feedback!
Bring a friend or two (or three or more!)

Can’t make the meeting, but interested??
Email me at  : bprice@bc.cancer.ca
or call me at 250-489-8695*Betty-Ann Price

Strength in Numbers – Works by Arts Station Volunteers – Opening Reception At The Arts Station

The Arts Station - Volunteer's Exhibit
From The Arts Station: Tuesday, June 30, 7pm at The Arts Station – 601 1st Avenue. Exhibit Continues until Tuesday, July 26

The Arts Station is privileged to have so many volunteers who are not only generous with their time but are also fantastic artists. This gallery exhibit will feature the work of some of the many people who ensure that The Arts Station continues to offer new and exciting arts and culture programs to the community. Events like the Lantern Fest and the Indie Films Fernie Series would not be possible without the tireless assistance of our volunteers. This month we are seeking to highlight their efforts by highlighting their artistic works.

The opportunities to volunteer at The Arts Station are as varied as the mediums people create in. We have amazing people who assist with the gallery, films, concerts, gardens, pottery studio, and even helping to guide the direction of The Arts Station by volunteering to be on the Board or one of the many Committees.

Although words can never say thank you enough we are hoping that by showcasing our volunteers talents we are able to expose community members as well as visitors to what we here have known forever – that our volunteers are amazing in every sense!

Visit The Arts Station gallery before July 26 in order to view these beautiful works.

Participate In The Fernie Lantern Festival Preparations

China's Lantern Festival in 2009

A small group of us have been getting together regularly to work out details for the upcoming Fernie Lantern Festival (late 2010) and we’re looking for willing and excited people to help us make this evening bright and beautiful.

Possible ways to contribute:
1. Join The Team – Help us make this event soar! Contact the Arts Station at 250-423-4842 or email info@theartsstation.com, if you’re interested.
2. Make A Lantern – The Arts Station will be opening their space, free for all ages and levels, for those willing and wanting to create a lantern or two…or more if that excites you. There will be different levels of lantern making 1. directed and very easy, 2. directed and a little more detailed, to 3. bigger and imaginative. Schedule on Lantern Making Classes to come.
3. Volunteers – The day of the Lantern Festival we will need a group of people to help us make sure the evening runs smoothly.

We still have quite a bit of decisions to make regarding the Lantern Festival but I just wanted to put the idea in your brain. Being part of something big and wonderful can be very rewarding. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

p.s. The above photo is from China’s Lantern Festival. If you click on it, you’ll see more photos from this extravagant festival…with a tragic ending. Woah.

Fernie Community EcoGarden – Shared Gardens – A New Idea

Fernie Community EcoGarden - Shared Gardens

from The Fernie Community EcoGarden:

Got extra garden space? Want to garden but don’t have space?

Shared Gardens is the place to make the connections.

Fernie, B.C. — Gardeners and gardens unite! The Fernie Community EcoGarden has launched a new way for Elk Valley residents to garden more, a yard-share program. Based on the EcoGarden’s Apple Share program that links tree owners with those that want to harvest fruit, the Shared Garden program will do the same for garden space in the area.

“Spring has sprung and many people are itching to get their hands in the soil and start gardening,” said Dawn Deydey, with Wildsight’s Elk Valley Branch. “But some don’t have space available and all the EcoGarden plots are filled. So we set up a yard share webpage.”

The website allows people post their unused garden space so gardeners can find it. It also has a section that explains how to make garden sharing go smoothly for those involved.

Deydey said Shared Gardens can benefit both gardeners and those with space to share.

Fernie EcoGarden Shared Gardens 2010The Shared Gardens webpage is partly a response to the success of the Fernie Community EcoGarden, which is already filled to capacity with a waiting list. “We’ve had to turn people away at the EcoGarden this year, even though we doubled the number of our plots last year,” Deydey said. “This will give those who really want to get into gardening the opportunity to go ahead and plant.”

In addition to the benefits to gardeners and those who want to fill their empty yards, sharing gardens has several other benefits, Deydey said. “It cuts down on greenhouse gases by limiting the travel time of vegetables to your table,” she said. “It connects you to family, friends and neighbours. It helps you eat more fresh veggies and avoid pesticides.”

Most important, Deydey said, is that yard sharing lays the groundwork for local food systems that are more resilient to global economic trends. “Gardening increases our individual and community food security. It’s not only fun, it’s a step to a more secure future.”