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Art Expo Voting Begins

The lucky winner of the most votes gets $200! I could use that money to buy loads of groceries that would last about 3 days in this household.

Place your vote here and send that person home from Wapiti Music Festival (where the original artwork will be on display) with a couple bags of groceries!

Art Expo 2017, Wapiti Music Festival, Fernie BC, Original Art on Display


Put Shred Kelly On The Train!

Shred Kelly Train Adventure with CBC
I’m talking about the Tracks on Tracks CBC Radio3 train that will take Canadian bands on a rock ‘n’ rail adventure from Vancouver to Toronto. Three are to be picked from Western Canada and Shred Kelly has made the Top 50. The next round is the Top 25! We gotta get them on that train! By golly!

To vote, click here and fill out this survey. You gotta do it before April 23rd. I know Shred Kelly would really appreciate it.

Tracks on Tracks CBC Radio3 Music Train