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Confessions Of A Lazy Person : I’m Actually Excited To Run Again

I haven’t been running since the first snowfall. Not that I have completely given up on activity this winter, but it’s been sporadic. A bit of fat biking or cross-country skiing sprinkled throughout the winter, and that’s about it. I’m the first one to tell you I’ve been pretty lazy this winter. I’m okay with hibernating for the winter, I have no guilt over it but I’m feeling quite soft and ready to go.

Now that the snow is melting and the roads are clearing, I’m actually wanting to run again. I WANT to.

Spring is here!

woman wearing purple shirt overlooking at body of water and snow covered field


So Disappointed In You, Snow

We’re at that time of year now when we get a bit of sunshine, warmth,  and we even take a layer off. It’s starting to feel like spring! Then it snows and we (I) get a bit disappointed. It happens every year, repeatedly, until it stops snowing, because we’re so excited about those sunny spring days…we forget we’re still in winter.

Today’s mantra, It’s still winter. It’s still winter. It’s still winter.

snow nature trees mountain

Confessions Of A Lazy Person : I Love Opening Day Weekend!

Fernie Alpine Resort Opening Day 2018 - fresh snow

You know why I love opening day in Fernie? It’s not what you might expect. Or maybe you know me well enough now to know exactly why I love opening day. Opening day means the start of skiing for my husband and kids…which leaves time for me to paint! YES! It was such a beautiful opening weekend, too. My family had a wonderful time at the hill and I painted until they came home hungry and tired legged. It was a wonderful weekend. It was a particularly good weekend for painting. I also attended a paint and sip type night with Angela Morgan and a group of amazing, supportive women. It was a night of wine, food and also fundraising for Angela’s daughter who wants to build houses in El Salvador.  I painted an Angela Morgan type painting in oils, which is a first for me, in two ways. It was a steep learning curve but I embraced my novice inferiority feelings and dove in. Hooray for opening day!

Settling Into Winter

I find when summer comes along, even those nice, early spring days, we are packing in as much fun as we can. We’re planning our camping, beach days, picnics, hikes, bbqs, floats and frog hunting days because time is flying by. Summer will be over in no time!! And then winter comes. And no one is in a panic to get winter things done because winter goes on FOREVER. It sounds as though I speaking for everyone. Do I? I don’t know. You gotta admit, there’s plenty of time to get in some sled days, ski days and skating on the pond days. You don’t need to schedule anything. Winter is 6 months long!

So now, here I am, settling into the idea that winter is back and we can no longer swim in the lakes or hear a limitless variety of bird songs. Just relax and enjoy the long winter ride.

Winter in Fernie - Icy River, Cattails, Early Winter 2018

FAST Ski Swap

Well, it’s snowing! This is the perfect time to swippy swap!

Fernie 2017 Ski Swap

“Saturday, November 4th from 10 to 2, Fernie’s snow season kicks off with the annual Fernie Alpine Ski Team Ski Swap, and the Ski and Board Film Fest at the Community Centre! Sell and purchase used equipment and clothing, and watch the best films.”

Also to note: Bring any items you wish to sell to the Community Centre on Friday evening, 6-9pm.

The Morning Winter Returned

winter returned - snow covered house and trees - fernie bc

Waking up to snow on the ground was a bit of a shock. With a forecast of temperatures ranging from -4 to 13 degrees, I doubt we’ll be enjoying the beautiful sight for long. We began our morning with a quick trip to Knox United Church only to find out Parent Tot Fun Times wasn’t running today. I should have known but I was hoping that some programs were still running during March Break. Instead of heading home I took my kids out for brunch at The Blue Toque. I love that place. Tanya came out with some fruit for my kids (without ordering it) and was just being awesome with suggestions for me and accommodating for the kids. I found a few Dr Seuss books for the kids to read while we waited, which really helped. An unexpected pleasant experience! Bonus, from my table I could look out the entryway and see some of Nick George’s wood sculptures (not an easy thing to keep my kids from touching.)

Because I would like to introduce some workshops to Phoenix in the near future (pottery or a messy art class) I took the kids on a tour of some of the studios at The Arts Station. We saw the beautiful pieces the weavers were working on and the pottery studio in the basement. I’m hoping by exposing these things to her she will feel more comfortable with them. Crossing my fingers.

winter returned - brunch at blue toque with the kids winter returned - views of the gallery - fernie bc winter returned - weaver guild - fernie bc

Views Of Fernie : Sledding At The Aquatic Centre

fernie - sledding at the aquatic centre

“Sled Aquatic” has a nice ring to it. Although, I realize the hills are in the bike park, I still call it the Aquatic Centre. It was my first time sledding with the kids at the A.C. this winter and I’d have to say it’s the perfect place for them to run around and sled. There are small hills, big bumpy hills, steep hills, bunny hills – hills for all ages! I can’t believe we don’t come here more often.

fernie - sledding at the bike park fernie - sledding at the bike park fernie - sledding at the bike park