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Dumpster Time!

Dumpster Art - Out Of The Box - all artists

It’s me again. I’m still over here playing with my kids and having little adventures. I’m not spending too much time at the computer but my brain never stops coming up with new ideas and art projects. I’m not sure I’ll have time for the dumpster painting project this year, it’s from Friday, August 30th- Sept 2nd, right after an evening selling my art in Kimberley and just before school starts. If you’re keen on doing a dumpster this year, you need to get your idea in by the end of July.

Right now I’m trying to squeeze in a WonderWalk story for Wapiti, a mural proposal for the Beanpod building, a painting for Art Expo, prep for our next Abstract Lion Art Club in August and another big idea that I’ll tell you about later. There’s so much going on! I love it all but it makes me tired just looking at this list.

The dumpster project is fun and super casual. This year there’s even a $500 fee for selected artists. So that’s a great idea. Who knows. Maybe I’ll even fit a dumpster in this year. Dear me. I’m going to bed.

For more information, check out: www.theartsstation.com


Art On The Lawn At Chautauqua

Art on the Lawn - Fernie Artists on City Hall Grounds for Chautauqua Fall Fair

From facebook event page:

“Art on the Lawn is an opportunity for the public to experience local Fernie art, meet the artists and see them work! A truly unique experience as part of Chautauqua!

The Fernie Visual Arts Guild and individual artists will display their art for viewing and sale. Fernie artists Laura Nelson, Brianne Chisholm and Vanessa Croome can be seen live painting throughout the event.

Fifteen local artists are creating a selection of original work especially for ArtExpo2018 being displayed for your enjoyment and appreciation during Art the Lawn. Everyone is encouraged to wander around the three sided easels to view the varied works of our artists. Participating artists are Amanda Haugrud, Aidan Barnes, Melanie MacVoy, Vanessa Croome, Pru Harshan, Brina Schenk, Brianne Chisholm, Megan Haeusler, Judy Winter, Kathy Stead, Dorothy Sharp, Tyra Collombin, Laura Nelson, Pat Moore, Leanne Stothert.

In addition look for the WonderWalk installment at Art on the Lawn. Fernie artist Brina Schenk has created a new series of original paintings which form a wonderful story for kids and adults alike.

Cover artwork: Laura Nelson”

WonderWalk And Shy Girl At Wapiti Music Festival

Shy Girl - WonderWalk - Wapiti Music Festival

Well, hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I actually typed words out, rather than my usual post a picture/poster and continue on with my day. Exciting times have arrived! My little project called Shy Girl is being used as the guinea pig for WonderWalk at Wapiti Music Festival this weekend. WonderWalk was created by Sandra Boer as a way to promote local talent in a fun and engaging way. This time we have taken part of my story, Shy Girl – Tacki’s Cure (book one), and placed  thirty pages of the story throughout the festival grounds. You can meander through the story and even go to my shy girl website to see more illustrations and learn more about the story. Shy Girl is a children’s book, a work in progress, for over a year and it’s still a very special project for me. I’m nervous and excited to let people into my Shy Girl world. I hope you enjoy it and even let me know if you did or did not enjoy the WonderWalk and Shy Girl experience. There’s even a survey you can quickly take this weekend, since I know every loves a good survey, so we can work towards creating another WonderWalk or perhaps rework the whole idea to make it better.